Hailing from San Jose, California, I earned a degree in Kinesiology at San Jose State, where I then began to pursue bodybuilding.

I had an uncle that competed growing up, and he still competes and motivates me to this day. I was a typical runt that loved to play all sorts of sports, especially basketball and track and field. Once I got into college and occupied myself with academics and work, I started to get more serious about my weight training.

I like to keep an open mind to advice to help me progress. I want(ed) to build an athletic proportional physique. My fitness journey is currently still in progress to build that physique.



I am PROUD to stand alongside such a prestigious company that stands for amazing products and genuine, inspiring ALLMAX athletes. I have full faith in partnering with ALLMAX to supplement and fuel my physique to the MAX!

Question & Answer with John Nguyen

I always have a mix of variations in exercises and repetition ranges, but like I tell the ones that train close to me… “Ensure that all sets are performed with impeccable technique and taken to failure, the point at which performing another repetition with good form becomes IMPOSSIBLE.”

Pho (dry), pizza, Chinese take-out, pistachio gelato, spaghetti and meatballs, smoked pulled pork sandwiches, waffles, cheeseburgers with bacon, gnocchi, tortas, sweet potato tater tots, mac and cheese, carrot cake… was I suppose to mention only one?

Smoked salmon, sweet potato, and a mixed greens side salad.

Aminocore, weight belt, wrist straps, shaker bottle, ISOFLEX, two sets of headphones, iPod, USB portable power, $1 bill, and band-aids.

I don’t get much time outside the gym, especially since that’s where my business is.

My uncle that competed growing up got me into working out.

A mix of house/dubstep, hip hop, and sometimes I am in the mood for some old-school R&B.

Leaving a sweat ring on a bench or machine.