I started playing sports at a young age. Track was my first competitive itch because playing outside in my neighborhood my friends and I would always have foot races and losing made you want to be faster. In Junior High I joined the track squad and, living with my father, I fell in love with football where at school we would play twice a day — once before the school bell rang and then at recess. Into my college years, I started running back for 2 consecutive years and played basketball all the way. It was there where I developed my love for weightlifting.

My whole life I’ve always wanted to be great at whatever sport I touched because I never wanted to be the guy that no one picked so I made sure I was fast, strong, and skillful. I never really gave much thought into competitive bodybuilding until one day while lifting an old school playa asked if I competed, when I replied no he said, “young blood I think you should, you have something special”. After some thought I decided to give it a try and reached out to Olympian La Drissa Bonivel who I’d always see killing the gym. She guided me into my first competition in 2014 where I placed 2nd in Men’s Physique. Still new to the sport, I didn’t compete again until July 2016 where I did three shows that month and turned IFBB Pro.

Outside of sports I take pride in my appearance and I try to motivate my peers, that let life take its toll on their overall well-being, by showing them that a little effort each day can make a huge difference. Also, women love muscles, at least the ones I encounter, so that could be an added incentive. Now the switch is that for me the gym is my playground, it’s my relaxation.  When I walk in it’s all love from everyone getting it like I get it and those trying to figure it out. My day seems off if I don’t touch a weight at some point…it’s a Lifestyle that chose me.



Being an ALLMAX ATHLETE is truly an honor! The support from the Allmax family has been amazing and it feels good to be on board with other elite athletes in the game. I’ve used the brand for years and know that it’s a quality and a respectable brand.

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Volume training usually 6 sets with 30 second rest periods of any particular exercise. I’ve always admired Serge Nubret’s physique and follow his training style for the most part.

A good Burger and fries…or Sushi…Followed with Oreos, Cheesecake…And More Oreos

Salmon and Asparagus

My favorite exercise is probably a combination of Incline bench press with pull ups as a super set.

I’m easy going really a home body but I love traveling when possible, movie going, bowling and golfing, spending time with family, and finding new restaurants.

I’ve always been competitive by nature, I’m a Scorpio. Fitness for me is an outlet to channel all my stresses into positive outcomes, but I rarely ever stress about anything I just love being in shape. Once you see results it becomes addictive… I’m a fitness addict and no plans for recovery or intervention.

90s and Above Hard-core Hip Hop. Jay Z, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Tupac, Eminem (No Auto tune Crap) and Cinematic Music with a good guitar base.

Everything, always a weight belt, wrist wraps, knee wraps, spare headphones, phone charger, change of dry clothes, Allmax shaker cup, Impact pre workout, Aminocore and Acuts, Hvol, and IsoFlex protein for post workout.

When people stand in front of me mid set and block the mirror or crowd my space in an empty gym…Or when people ask me obvious questions like what are you eating at breakfast time when they already know the answer…Oatmeal!!!! It’s always OATMEAL!!!!!!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Isoflex or Hexapro because it tastes amazing and reminds me of Reese’s. Also Pina Colada A:CUTS is my favorite amino…huge fan of coconut flavor products.

My Stack may be different from the norm. I take Impact before training, while training I sip on Aminocore mixed with HVOL. Post training I have Isoflex mixed with Glutamine.


  • Arnold Classic
  • Upper Midwest Classic in North Dakota, placed 2nd
  • Omaha Pro Classic, placed 7th
  • Chicago Pro, placed 4th
  • Olympia 2018



  • Pro Debut New York Pro, placed 5th
  • Toronto Supershow, placed 6th
  • Chicago Pro, placed 10th
  • Ferrigno Legacy, placed 5th.



  • Turned Pro at USAs Championship in Vegas

MONDAY – Legs (Quad dominant, Light Hamstring)

TUESDAY – Chest, calves, Hips

WEDNESDAY – Back, Traps

THURSDAY –  Shoulders, Arms

FRIDAY – Legs (Quad dominant, Light Hamstring)

SATURDAY – Back, Traps

SUNDAY – Whatever doesn’t hurt

MONDAY – 2 gallons water, pre cardio ACUTS, VITASTACK

• Meal 1: 1 cup of oats, 1 cup egg whites, 2 whole eggs, cup of spinach
• Meal 2: 7oz chicken, 2 cups white rice, banana
• Meal 3: 7oz ground turkey, 2 cups spinach
• Pre-workout IMPACT, post workout 2 scoops of ISOFLEX and GLUTAMINE
• Meal 4: 7oz chicken, 2 cups rice, mixed veggies
• Meal 5: 8oz salmon, asparagus
• Meal 6: 2 scoops of CASEINFX blended with cashew milk and spinach.

TUESDAY – same



FRIDAY – same


SUNDAY – same