I have been competing for 3 years in the bikini division and have competed at a national level twice. I plan to obtain my pro card in the future and compete at a higher level. I have been awarded for my stage presence at a national level competition and love the thrill of the stage!

On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

Being an ALLMAX ATHLETE to me means I am standing behind the best of the best in the sports supplement industry. ALLMAX is a brand I’ve used for years and they have never failed to produce the best quality supplements. I’m honored to be able to stand behind the company as an athlete and show the world what ALLMAX products can really do.




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Question & Answer with Angie Guenette

Shoulders is my favourite day , I also love morning cardio to get my day going right.

Sushi of thin crust pizza!

Sweet potatoes cause you can make them savoury or sweet

Booty bands, my weight lifting belt, IMPACT PRE WORKOUT, and my shaker ! I always pack face wipes and hair ties too.

I love my career in hairstyling and I love to cook and try new fun healthy recipes for when I am in prep and need to mix things up!

I got into fitness when I tried to get into commercial and print work modeling and they told me I was too thick to do well in that industry. It drove me to try and get into fitness and then I discovered how much more I loved being fit over being skinny in this process!
I listen to a lot of EDM and pop, anything that will make me jump around between my sets works for me.
People sitting on machines on their phones for 5-10 minutes at a time! Drives me nuts.

I love my ALLMAX morning stack ! I take my CYTOGREENS and Collagen and AMINOCORE and have that with my breakfast and it keeps me feeling good and regular and energized all day!

2018  –  WINDSOR FOUAD NATURAL – 1st place

● MONDAY – Glutes / Calves

● TUESDAY – Shoulders / Abs

● Wednesday – Quads / Glutes

● THURSDAY – Back / Biceps

● FRIDAY – Hamstrings / Calves

● SATURDAY – Shoulders / Abs


  • Breakfast – 3 eggs and veggies
  • Snack – 30 g almonds
  • Lunch – 150 g chicken and veggies
    – 100 g sweet potatoes
  • Snack – Profein bar
  • Dinner – 150 g white fish veggies
    – 100 g sweet potatoes
  • Post workout – ISOFLEX
  • Pre workout – 40 g Oats with 1/2 scoop ISOFLEX