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HEIGHT : 5′ 1″
OCCUPATION : Personal Trainer / Makeup Artist

Carla Garthwaite


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I started lifting weights about 5 years ago just wanting to achieve an athletic, toned look. I remember hearing about bikini competitions, and one day I decided to give it a go. Since my first time stepping foot into the gym, I fell in love with it. Changing my body to the way I want it to be fascinates me. The same happened with competing. Since my first amateur show I wanted to be an IFBB Pro. Hard work has made dreams come true.


On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

I have been using Allmax products since I started training years ago. To be able to represent such an amazing company with superior quality products is truly an honor. The fitness industry has exploded over the last few years and to be an athlete that represents us means the world to me.

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Question & Answer with Carla Garthwaite

Circuit Training & Strength Training

Burger and sweet potato fries

Air fryer green beans. They are crispy and delicious.

Banded Hack squats

I’m a homebody. But I love going to the movies, trying new restaurants, and spending time with my family.

I had lost weight on my own and loved the process so much, I wanted to help other women who were unhappy with their bodies to lose weight & become confident. So I became a trainer and worked for a few years at a corporate gym.

Depends on my mood but hip hop never lets me down!

Aminocore Natural Cucumber Lemon. Shaker cup. Isoflex Chocolate Peanut Butter. Weight belt. Bands for the glutes. Wrist wraps. Headphones. Training Belt. Body Spray. Gum.

Not re-racking weights. I’m not your mother, clean up after yourself.

 IFBB Professional League:

  • 2018 San Antonio Pro 6th place


NPC Division:

  • 2015 Lackland Classic 1st place Open
  • 2015 Lackland Classic 1st place Novice
  • 2016 Kuclo Classic 3rd place Open
  • 2016 NPC Universe 14th place
  • 2017 Jr USA 2nd place
  • 2017 Jr Nationals 8th place
  • 2017 NPC Universe 11th place
  • 2018 Jr USA 1st place
  • MONDAY – Back / Biceps
  • TUESDAY – Glutes (Abductor focus) Hamstrings
  • WEDNESDAY – Shoulders & Triceps
  • THURSDAY – Glutes & Abs
  • FRIDAY – Chest / Shoulders
  • SATURDAY – Glutes & Hamstrings (Isolation focus)



I eat the same exact meals, every day meals 1-6. But Friday I do have a cheat meal every Friday. I usually always go for a burger & sweet potato fries.

  • ISOFLEX – Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • AMINOCORE NATURAL – Cucumber Lemon
  • IMPACT Igniter – Tart Black Cherry