Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Cathy advanced quicker then most in her youth, having completed two university degrees by the age of 21. After graduation, a career with the provincial government began to eat in to her fitness activities and her diet began to suffer as time came at a premium. Eventually, a visit to the doctor resulted in Cathy being advised that she was in the hypertension category.

It was at this point that she decided to dive into educating herself on health and nutrition, learning all she could about eating well and bringing her physical condition back up to par. In 2006 Cathy decided her work had paid off and she entered her first figure competition, placing fourth. She has recently switched to the new division “bikini”, and placed fourth at the 2011 Alberta Provincials, qualifying for the 2012 CBBF Nationals.

Cathy still works hard as an analyst/consultant, traveling extensively to small northern communities. However, she now ensures that she is packing proper food, nutritional supplements and workout gear, often hitting plyometric exercises in the hotel parking lot.


On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

I am honored and at the same time very humbled with this partnership with ALLMAX. I have been using ALLMAX’s products since 2004 (when there were only 3 flavors of ISOFLEX!) long before joining the team, and now being blessed with this opportunity I am able to take my supplementation regimen to another level while at the same time further educating others on the quality of the ALLMAX product line. I must say, having ALLMAX as my training partner has made me a stronger, confident and more competitive athlete.

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Question & Answer with Cathy Norris

Combo training (heavy and light weights; low and high reps) and bootcamp-style cardio.

Caramel Popcorn and Filipino spring rolls (but not together!)


ISOFLEX (Chocolate Peanut Butter)

Wide-grip pull-ups

Towel, water bottle, Mp3 player, ALLMAX shaker cup with protein for post-workout, face wash and lip balm

I enjoy walking our two Staffordshire Terriers (or do they take me for a walk?), RV’ing, snowmobiling, and going for a ride on my motorcycle (sports bike).

I started my career at 21 years old after finishing my second university degree. I had completed high school at 16 and immediately jumped into university. The long nights of studying, eating on the go, along with juggling work and volunteer work took a toll on me physically. I always felt worn out and struggled with maintaining my energy, critical in the field I’m in. I knew I had to change my lifestyle or I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I incorporated my goal of a healthy and physical lifestyle right into my life goals – if I could accomplish other goals in my life, I had no excuse not to accomplish this one! I started going to the gym and began researching journals and other articles on healthy eating and training. Expanding my knowledge on how to improve myself continues today. I added competing as a personal challenge for myself.