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HEIGHT : 5' 3"
WEIGHT : 120 lbs
OCCUPATION : International Bikini model

Charisse Briguera


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I started my fitness journey when I was 18 years old.  I was very skinny and I wanted to feel confident about myself, since then it has become more than a hobby, but part of my healthier lifestyle. I have been working out for 6 years solid.

Aside from being an Olympic lifter, I also trained for Ninja Warrior and competed for American Ninja Warrior in 2017. I earned my IFBB PRO card on my very first bikini competition at the Arnold Classic Bikini Amateur 2019 placing 2nd in the Overall category. My ultimate goal for this year is to qualify for the Olympia stage!



On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

I’ve been taking ALLMAX products even before I became part of the team.  To be a part of this family as one of the athletes is truly an honor because team ALLMAX as a whole is created by inspiring, determined and motivated individuals.  They treat each other more than just a brand, but as a family.

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Question & Answer with Charisse Briguera

Donuts, Cadbury chocolates, mocha cake, cupcakes, and Krispy Kreme

Chicken for more gains!

Shaker cup, ALLMAX Rapidcuts, ALLMAX Impact Pump, ALLMAX Impact Igniter, ALLMAX BCAA, ALLMAX Isoflex Whey Protein, Versa grips, wrist wraps, lifting belt, waist trainer, bands, ankle brace, Airpods, towel, healthy snacks.

As an Islander, I love going to the beach to workout and do Ninja training like climbing trees and hanging.

A goal for a change is what got me into Fitness.

EDM music is what gets me in the zone.

People not reracking their weights.



  • Arnold Classic Bikini Amateur
  • Earned IFBB Pro Card
  • ISOFLEX (whey protein isolate)
  • Rapidcuts Shredded (fat burner)
  • IMPACT Pump (stim-free preworkout)
  • IMPACT Igniter (high-stim preworkout)


  • MONDAY – Shoulders / Abs / Cardio
  • TUESDAY – Hamstrings / Glutes / Calves
  • WEDNESDAY – Back / Biceps / Cardio
  • THURSDAY – Shoulders / Abs
  • FRIDAY – Hamstrings / Glutes / Quads / Calves
  • SATURDAY – Chest / Triceps / Cardio
  • SUNDAY – Cardio
  • MEAL 1 – 1/3 Cup Oats, 1/2 Cottage Cheese, 1/2 Cup White Eggs and 1 Scoop ALLMAX ISOFLEX Whey
  • MEAL 2 – 4 oz Chicken, 1 Cup Green Beans and 1/3 Cooked White Rice
  • MEAL 3 – 4 oz Chicken and 1 Cup Mixed Vegetables
  • MEAL 4 – 1 oz Almonds and a Small Apple
  • MEAL 5 – 4 oz Sautéed Ground Turkey, Mixed Veg and 1/3 Cooked White Rice
  • MEAL 6 – 1 oz Almonds and 1 Dannon Yogurt