Eric Broser has been involved in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, strength/contest prep coach, model, author, magazine columnist, consultant to nutritional supplement companies and gym owner for over twenty years. He is a Natural Professional Bodybuilder and recognized as one of the top drug-free-for-life bodybuilders in the world.

Eric has penned over 1000 articles on training, supplements, mindset and nutrition, which have appeared in such major publications as Iron Man, Planet Muscle, Natural Muscle, Muscular Development, Muscle Mag International, Human Muscle and Performance, UCW and Muscular Health and Performance Illustrated. He is currently a monthly columnist for FLEX, IronMan, Natural Muscle and, and has authored four books on the subject of rapid and substantial physique transformation.

Eric is the pioneer/developer of the world-renown POWER, REP RANGE™, SHOCK, O-BEY-6™, FTx2™, ESPX2™ and FIBER DAMAGE/FIBER SATURATION™ training methods, which are being utilized by tens of thousands of bodybuilders and athletes across the globe. The PRRS™ DVD has been a best seller for well over five years now, while the PRRS™ and FDFS™ “E” and Kindle books also continue to lead the pack.

Being featured on the cover of Iron Man in October 2008 fulfilled one of Eric’s lifelong dreams. He has also appeared in the pages of just about every major fitness/bodybuilding magazine as a model, writer or subject of dozens of supplement company advertisements. In May 2010, and again in 2011, he was awarded the honor of being named the “Top Trainer/Author Combination” by Planet Muscle Magazine. Eric has also become one of the most sought after personal trainers/diet “gurus” and contest/event preparation coaches across the globe by athletes, bodybuilders, high-powered executives and members of the entertainment industry.



I could not be more proud or honored to be a member of “Team ALLMAX.” I have been in this industry for almost 30 years now, and have built a reputation of honesty and integrity, which extends into everything I do, including my coaching, writing and speaking. Thus, I can only feel good about aligning myself with people and companies that hold the same values as myself, which is why working hand and hand with ALLMAX is the absolute perfect fit for me. In the end my #1 goal is simply to help others reach their goals, and this is precisely the same mission that ALLMAX holds close.

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Question & Answer with Eric Broser

A movement I created for the lats called “Merlin Rows.”

On any given day you will find the following items in my gym bag:

  • Weight belt
  • Wrist wraps
  • Extra t-shirt
  • 2 ALLMAX shaker cups
  • Extra Aminocore, H-Vol, C-Vol and L-Leucine
  • Packets of IsoFlex

I love movies and music. I am an artist and enjoy sketching, drawing and painting.

As a kid I was always fascinated by “muscle.” My favorite athletes and actors were invariably the ones with the best physiques. I was myself painfully skinny and constantly dreamed about looking like comic book heroes. In high school the bigger kids bullied me and this really took its toll on my psyche. I began dabbling in the martial arts to become more confident and to learn to defend myself, but still felt small and weak.

My best friend Mitchell shared my fascination for muscle, although he was in the opposite position, being overweight rather than thin and lanky. Together we decided to take action and literally signed a “pact” that stated we would dedicate ourselves to eating better and pumping iron! Once I began, I never looked back.

When training with my client/partner David Bourlet I just listen to whatever music they are playing that day at “The Mecca,” Gold’s Gym Venice. On the rare days I am alone I will wear my headphones and listen to music that “drives” me. On some days this may be hard rock or rap, and on others trance, hip-hop or even film scores.

It makes me crazy to see people talking or texting on the cell phone WHILE doing a set!

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