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I was a swimmer in High School, favorite stroke was the butterfly.

I started seriously strength training in college when I was about 20-21 years old. My training was more focused on bodybuilding, but I very much enjoyed gaining strength.

After putting on significant muscle mass & weight, I played rugby with the McAllen Knights in South Texas. In 2013, I sought out a local strongman to start training with and improve my performance on the field in rugby. At least, that was one reason. I have very fond memories of watching World’s Strongest Man on T.V. with my father and grandfather, on holiday mornings. I remember, as a kid, viewing those guys as superheroes. So as a strong and capable adult, I was very excited to pursue and begin strongman training.

July 2013 was my first Strongman competition in Pharr, TX where I placed 1st. I knew at that point I had found my passion, and I was going to take it to the top.

In 2015, I took over my gym Alpha Fit from previous owners, and have taken immense pride in both owning it and in the athletes who make up our gym family over all the years since. Alpha Fit has become a “haven of strength” in South Texas.

I competed at my first National Championships in 2015, placed 3rd and qualified to the Arnold Amateur World Championships in 2016, where I ultimately placed 4th out of the top athletes from around the world.

Since then, I’ve competed in 3 more National Championships (2016, 2017, 2019) and 2 more Arnolds (2017 & 2020). I won the 2019 National Championships and earned my Pro-Status and went on to finish 3rd at the 2020 Arnolds.

My official pro-debut at the 2020 World’s Strongest Man in November 2020. Although falling short of the finals, my performance on the Deadlift event put me on the radar of the world’s best pullers. I plan to get the Deadlift World Record some day. My competing at 2020 World’s Strongest Man made me the first Hispanic-Latino ever at WSM. The first of many yet to come.


I have used ALLMAX products since the very beginning of my strongman career for 7 years now, and they have been close by every step of the way.

Now, as a professional athlete and having been “in the game” for a while, it is very easy to see how 15+ years of experience creates a brand that is consistently bringing the best supplements at the forefront of modern science.

To put my name behind ALLMAX is a tremendous honor.