Hailing from Macau, China, Iao Chong Wa, Joe is a bodybuilder who was very active in sports since childhood. Joe won the first place in both the 80KG and overall categories in 2010-2015, the first-ever 5-time Overall Champion at the Macau Bodybuilding Competition. Joe continues his passion for bodybuilding and welcomes upcoming challenges to live his dream of becoming an influential bodybuilder in Asia Pacific.



I am proud and honored to join Team ALLMAX. I love to share and recommend ALLMAX products for real proven results to all of my acquaintances in the industry.

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Question & Answer with Joe Iao Chong Wa

I love heavy volume training as well as muscle-feel training. For heavy volume training, I will make it intense and rest for 3-4 minutes between each set. For muscle-feel training, the pace will be slower and I will rest for 1 minute between each set.

Back and legs

Instant Noodles

BCAAs, MUSCLEPRIME, CARBION, ISOFLEX, lifting belt, wrist straps, headphones

Playing with remote-controlled helicopters, fish culture

I was inspired to enter bodybuilding by a friend. Once I stepped into the gym I started to love training, and am eager to be one of the top bodybuilders in Asia-Pacific. Special thanks to my friend David Leung who supports my passion for bodybuilding all these years.