Marcus hails from Columbus, Ohio where he grew up watching “The Rock” on WWA and started kickboxing in his late teens, which inspired him to lift weights. He was a small-framed kid with a big dream to look like Kevin Levrone; his favorite bodybuilder back in the day.

Marcus participated in his first bodybuilding competition as a light-heavyweight in 2012 because a friend at his local gym dared him… and he won the division. From then on, he became a dedicated athlete and his interest in bodybuilding grew. He was in the gym every day before dawn, developing a routine to strengthen his body… and researching the industry to prepare his mind for the long-haul to success. He recalls being told, “…this is not a race, but a marathon…” And so the marathon continued.

Over time, his work ethic and natural drive started getting Marcus noticed. In 2016 he won his first regional show at the NPC Kentucky Muscle Championship and the fire was lit. Preparing for competition requires a mindset and discipline for the task at hand and Marcus was ready for the challenge. In September 2018 he turned pro in the men’s heavyweight division in PA and plans to make his pro debut in the 2019 Men’s Classic physique.

Marcus has worked in corporate America for many years and currently works as a sales manager for one of the country’s largest utility companies. His ultimate goal is to compete against the best athletes in the world at The Olympia.

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Turkey & Rice

Rack Pulls and Bandbell Squats

Movies, Reading, Fast cars

Background in martial arts.

Aminocore, Carbion, Impact Pump

Aminocore, Glutamine, Leucine, Arginine, Impact PUMP

MONDAY – Heavy Compound work.

TUESDAY – Shoulders & Biceps


THURSDAY – Chest & Back


SATURDAY – Legs, stretching


Lean Turkey, Egg Whites, Isoflex, Hexapro, Steak
White Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Pizza, Oats, Cream of Wheat.