Started competing in the NPC in March of 2014. Competed in 2 NPC shows and then competed in 4 national NPC shows where I turned Pro in my 4th national show in November of 2015. I have competed in 12 Pro shows so far from 2016-2018. I qualified for the Olympia at the San Antonio Classic in 2017 which was also my first pro win. Since then, I have won the San Antonio Pro in 2018 and a 2nd place finish at Golden State Pro. I will be competing in my first Olympia in 2018.


On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

I am so honored to be a part of team ALLMAX! I have been using ALLMAX products since I started my fitness journey over 5 years ago. ALLMAX goes above and beyond by providing the research and evidence to back up their high-quality products. Not to mention, ALLMAX has an extensive line of products that match any of your goals.

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Question & Answer with Monica Ellis

Weight Training, high volume, HIIT

Burger and sweet potato fries

Oatmeal. You can change it up and it’s a high-volume food!

Deadlifts and RDLs

I love being active outdoors. I enjoy hiking, biking, trails, and recreational sports.

I was a cheerleader at Baylor University. So once I graduated, I needed another hobby/sport that kept me active. I got into weight lifting because I wanted to put on muscle. I have always naturally been very lean and thin and wanted to add some curves to my frame. I found out about competing through social media. I went to an NPC show and loved all the glitz and glam of the bikini division. I decided to compete at my first show for fun and ended up falling in love with the sport. I mostly fell in love with how weight lifting made me feel strong and confident.

Trap, BPM, hip hop. I enjoy upbeat music that gets my heart racing and puts a smile on my face.


When people don’t re-rack their weights after finishing up with the equipment.


  • Salt Lake City Pro
  • San Antonio Pro – 1st Place
  • Golden State Pro – 2nd Place
  • Olympia



  • Salt Lake City Pro
  • Pittsburgh Pro
  • NorCal
  • San Antonio Classic – 1st Place



  • NorCal
  • Greater Gulf Pro
  • Patriots Pro
  • Omaha Pro
  • San Antonio Class



  • Jr USAS
  • JR Nationals
  • Miami Nationals – Pro Card



  • Ronnie Coleman Classic
  • Branch Warren
  • Miami Nationals


  • MONDAY – Hamstrings
  • TUESDAY – Shoulders / Triceps / Chest
  • WEDNESDAY – Quads
  • THURSDAY – Back / Biceps
  • FRIDAY – Glutes / Hamstrings
  • SATURDAY – Shoulders / Back / Swimming
  • SUNDAY – Rest day