Born and raised in Northern Virginia and now residing in SoCal. As a teen, I was constantly active and into playing sports. I was never in any organized leagues but I was always there for a neighborhood game of basketball, football or tennis. I was always intrigued by all the fitness icons and their amazing physiques. But even though I started training at this time, I was not 100% dedicated to it.

However, in the summer of 2001 I ran in to a high school friend that motivated me to start my real body building transformation. Seeing his unbelievable change from tall and scrawny to a lean and muscular build helped push me to take that leap and start picking up the weights. I will be forever thankful to my good friend Thanh for getting me into the world of bodybuilding.

Now after 12 years of being a fitness enthusiast and gaining knowledge through trial and error, my goal is to share my experiences and what I have learned with my clients.



It is an honor to be part of one of the premier supplement companies in the business. I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to represent such a great company. ALLMAX goes the extra mile to make sure all the products are of the best quality, and have the interests of the beginning level consumer all the way to the top level bodybuilder. It’s a true privilege to be a part of the ALLMAX Team.

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Dr Dre’s Wireless Studio Beats, Schiek wrist wraps, Versa Grip Straps, 5 Spearment Gum, Mophie battery back, Umoro Shaker Cup and of course my favorite ALLMAX Supplements.

Traveling, riding motorcycles, snowboarding, major foodie.

After seeing a friends amazing transformation from skinny to ripped,I knew that was what I wanted.

I like hip hop. Drake is constantly on replay.

Loud obnoxious people and people that don’t re rack weights. That’s two but not re-racking the weight has got to be the worst.

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