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HEIGHT : 5′ 11″
OCCUPATION : Canadian Armed Forces DND Infantry

Sean Sapera


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Meet Sean Sapera

I began my journey into the fitness industry back in 2012, my girlfriend had started competing in bikini and I would always help with her prep and accompany her to shows. Wanting to compete myself, it was fun for me to watch and help out. Being a natural athlete, I knew I couldn’t get the size I needed to be a bodybuilder, but in 2012 men’s physique became a mainstream category and with that I finally had an opportunity to compete.

I entered my first show in Oct of 2012 taking 1st in my class and overall, earning a spot on the national stage where in April 2013 I won 1st and overall again, earning my IFBB pro card. In May 2013 I competed at my first pro show in New York earning 6th place. Since then I have competed in 4 pro shows bringing me to 2015 where I plan to come in slightly bigger but harder and more conditioned with more drive and determination than ever to earn a coveted spot on the Olympia stage. It has been a dream come true to become a member of the ALLMAX team and my goal is to be the best representative I can be for my team and make a name for myself in this industry.


On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

It was an incredible feeling to be accepted as an ALLMAX athlete, being part of the ALLMAX team has been a goal of mine since I began competing in 2012. ALLMAX has been a staple in my supplementation since I started working out, I’ve always used the basics line because I always knew exactly what I was using. I’ve always enjoyed the brand because not only are they Canadian but because of the sheer amount of options they make available. ALLMAX has it all.

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Question & Answer with Sean Sapera

GVT high volume training or variations of

I love a good burger.

Bison and Brown rice with spinach and a bit of cayenne for flavor.

Deadlifts, Walking lunges, Squats, Overhead cambered bar extensions… (too many to list, they are all my favorites)

I don’t get much time outside the gym, especially with my DND commitments.

It’s a weird mix of either country…or dubstep

MusclePrime, Carbion for intra, ISOFLEX, basics like Creatine and Glutamine and HVOL

I’ve always been into fitness, whether it was competitive sports, martial arts, or long distance running.

Weight droppers / light weight grunters or a smelly combination of both!