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HEIGHT : 5′ 11″
WEIGHT : 290 – 300 LBS
OCCUPATION : Pro Bodybuilder, Firefighter / Paramedic

Steve Kuclo


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Steve Kuclo



Steve Kuclo, bodybuilding’s newest superstar, has been an athlete his entire life.

Growing up in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, just outside Detroit, Steve was an only child of a tight-knit family, where he excelled in several sports, including baseball, hockey and football. Steve’s been lucky that his entire family has followed and supported his athletic career, from baseball, to hockey and eventually football. As a young athlete, Steve’s prowess led him to both national and international recognition in hockey, including being placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Even now, with his newest physical “addiction”, bodybuilding, his grandparents, aunt and cousins continue to be his biggest supporters.



After high school, Steve attended the University of Michigan, where his two years studying Engineering shifted course. Steve decided to pursue a career as a fire-fighter/medic. As Steve’s path began to evolve, his newly found passion for this noble, life-saving career fueled his drive to excel through the fire fighting and paramedic academy…and at the same time, another passion began to evolve in Steve…his love for bodybuilding.


Steve began training at the Powerhouse gym in Clinton, twp., where he was exposed to other competitive bodybuilders. He and his first training partner, Justin Harris, soon decided to test their mettle on the competition stage at a local contest. Steve was only 18 at the time. When the dust settled on his first experience with the competition stage, Steve came away with first place in the Teen division and placed 3rd in the Men’s Open class.From that point on, Steve was hooked.

He would go on to win the Teen Nationals Heavyweight division two years in a row, and it seems Steve is destined for pro status and even greater achievements in the sport of Bodybuilding. Shortly after the 2010 Nationals, Steve was committed to unleashing the most impressive version of Steve Kuclo the bodybuilding world has yet to see, in Las Vegas at the 2011 USA’s. Steve turned pro in 2011 winning the USA Championships. Steve now has his sights set on to becoming one of the next Mr. Olympia’s.

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Question & Answer with Steve Kuclo

It is an honor to be part of one of the premier supplement companies in the business. I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to represent such a great company. ALLMAX goes the extra mile to make sure all the products are of the best quality, and have the interests of the beginning level consumer all the way to the top level bodybuilder. It’s a true privilege to be a part of the ALLMAX Team.

I have a smarter not harder mentality and leave my ego at the door when I train. I love to train hard and heavy but really listen to my body.

Stack House burger in Dallas or love WhatABurger. Texas’s IN-N-OUT but better!

Filet and Sweet Potato and pretty much anything healthy that ICON Meals makes.

Aminocore, Isoflex with Waxy Maize, and I like to always wear my belt when I train.

I’m a homebody that loves to spend time with my wife, family and friends. My wife and I love to entertain, shoot guns, live concerts, and I have a love for cars. I have always been involved in the car culture growing up being in a car club. My wife and I are also big food fans and love to try different restaurants in Dallas and when we travel. I also work as a fulltime firefighter/paramedic for the city of Dallas and own KINGSNAKE Apparel that consumes a lot of my time outside the gym.

When I was 16 I started to lift weights while being involved in sports. I played hockey and football in high school and won a national championship in hockey and ended up in the hockey hall of fame. That was a high light of my sports career but that also led me to a love of fitness. I loved to read Flex and Muscle & Fitness and began to addicted to the gym/fitness lifestyle. When I was in high school I would train all of the time and realized I put on muscle pretty easy and naturally was very strong. When I was 18 I decided to enter my first competition after about a 8 week prep and won the teens and placed 3rd in the open men’s and after that I knew I had something and was hooked!

Heavy Metal and Rock; Especially Black Label Society. I’m a close friend with Zakk Wylde from BLS. During my Cardio I might throw in some house/electronic music

Slamming of weighs when its not heavy or screaming “Light weight, baby!”

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