Zack Abdullah


Zack started out as a soccer player in school and clubs first eleven line up from 10 years old to 19 years old. He was a skinny build defender who was fast but strength and size had always been a challenge for him. As playing professional level was not paying well, he decided to further his studies in degree of sports sciences and started out as a personal trainer.

Competed in the first PHYSIQUE WAR and became Singapore’s first Men’s Physique Champion in 2015. Selected to represent Singapore twice for WBPF Asia Championship and Olympia IFBB Amateur Macau but both 2016 and 2018 he got down with big injuries and had to back off from competing.

Inspired to help others, he started his own gym and branding.Currently, prepping for the IFBB Pro Qualifier show in Asia on March 2022.


On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

Being an Allmax athlete motivates me to work harder to be an IFBB Pro in Men’s Physique. I would love to travel and meet the other Allmax athletes all around the world. My goal is to be one of the first few Asians in the Men’s Physique Olympia final if god will because one thing about me is that I’ll never stop working hard until I achieve my goals and targets as I don’t quit.