Hailing from Rocklin, California, Bodybuilder Josh Wade is a Personal Trainer who owns a gym and supplement store in Granite Bay California. Josh describes himself a “very driven, self-motivated and passionate about nutrition and training”.

Josh has been competing in bodybuilding since 2006 and climbing from placing first as a middleweight to finally earning his pro card by winning the 35+ overall men’s bodybuilding at the NPC Universe in 2016. He has since placed top 3 in numerous pro shows and made his first Olympia in 2018!. Josh has a fantastic support network in his wife, family and friends who have helped him reach his goals.

Question & Answer with JOSH WADE

I love volume but also incorporate a lot of intensity like drop sets and partials.

Burgers and fries!

96/4 ground beef and white jasmine rice.

Squats because they are the most demanding and I love the challenge.

iPhone, lifting belt, Versa Gripps, training journal, knee wraps.

Hanging out with my wife, family and friends.

As a teenager I severely lacked self confidence and got into a lot of trouble being a follower and trying to fit in until I found weight training and started building confidence and feeling good about myself. I won my first show and was hooked!

Disturbed, Godsmack, any good training music.

People not re-racking their weights. Lack of courtesy.