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• Aids in Weight Loss
• Improve Mental Clarity/Alertness
• Increase Focus
• Increase Energy


Caffeine Supplements for Muscle Growth & Bodybuilding

Caffeine is an alkoid and is found in guarana, kola nuts, coffee, tea and cocoa beans. It is the most popular drug in the world and is a powerful stimulant to the central nervous system. After caffeine is consumed, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and other body tissues. It takes about half an hour to experience peak concentration in the body.

Research has shown that caffeine supplements help improve energy levels, mood, various aspects of brain function, and fat-burning.  Caffeine bodybuilding supplements have also been shown to benefit endurance and strength athletes as well as trained athletes when performing HIIT (high intensity interval training).

For bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike, caffeine supplements are the cornerstone of any successful training and nutrition program.

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Benefits of Caffeine & Bodybuilding

Restore Mental Alertness & Energize Your Workouts

Particular supplements are the cornerstone of any successful training and nutrition program, and ALLMAX offers some of the best caffeine supplements, which are a must-have for anyone with serious fitness goals. It is not only great for quick energy, but it’s also a popular fat loss support supplement and workout performance booster. It is included in many thermogenic fat burners and pre-workout supplements.

The benefits of supplementing with it are numerous, including improved strength and mental clarity, an increase in focus, improved energy levels and the promotion of fatty acid oxidation. There is 200 mg of caffeine in one tablet, about as much as in a large, strong cup of coffee.

The Thermogenic Benefit

When it enters the body, it induces a fat-releasing effect called lipolysis, in which fat molecules within fat stores are cleaved into free fatty acids (FFAs) and glycerol. As a result, you have a bunch of liberated FFAs shooting around in your body that can be used to fuel your workout. Combining caffeine supplementation with a good training session, increases fatty acid oxidation and promotes fat burning!

Improve Strength

Caffeine and muscle growth have been highly correlated in recent studies. Caffeine is a very popular ingredient in many pre-workouts, and with good reason. It not only raises adrenaline it also stimulates the Central Nervous System (CNS), allowing you to push even harder and delaying your time to exhaustion. Simply put, caffeine increases your pain threshold, making lifts feel easier, lowering your perceived level of effort, and can help you lift heavier and smash some pretty decent PRs!

Improve Mental Clarity & Increase Focus

Numerous studies point to the positive effect of caffeine on tasks related to alertness. There are also significant results related to vigilance and reaction time. One study demonstrated the effect of increased physical performance of run times and obstacle course completion times when caffeine was consumed prior to activity.

Why Not Just Drink A Cup Of Coffee?

Simply, the cost of supplementing with pills is more affordable in comparison to a cup of java. It’s also easier to get your caffeine intake anywhere, just throw a bottle of our caffeine pills for bodybuilding in your gym bag and you will always have it for your next big training session!

ALLMAX natural caffeine supplements are available in a 100 Tablet size.

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Take 1 tablet no more than every 3 to 4 hours up to a maximum of 1000 mg (5 tablets) in 24 hours.



What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is an alkoid and is found in guarana, kola nuts, coffee, tea and cocoa beans. It is the most popular drug in the world and is a powerful stimulant to the central nervous system. After caffeine is consumed, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and other body tissues. It takes about half an hour to experience peak concentration in the body.

Is it safe to use?

Caffeine has been found to be safe in several research studies, as long as it is consumed in moderation. The FDA deemed normal caffeine intake as safe and said that it posed no increased health risk.

How does it benefit me?

Caffeine can help temporarily restore mental awareness or wakefulness when experiencing fatigue or drowsiness.

Can I take Caffeine to replace sleep?

No, caffeine intake should never replace sleep. Caffeine can help to restore wakefulness if you haven’t experienced enough sleep, but should never be used as a substitute for actual sleep.

Are there any side effects?

Many studies have been conducted on Caffeine’s role in the gym. It has been found to have a positive effect on improving athletic performance. Specifically, during endurance exercise supplementing with 3-9 mg of caffeine has been shown to delay fatigue and improve endurance performance. The studies conducted on caffeine’s effects during shorter term exercises such as strength training have also proved to be positive in the ability to help increase work output.

How does it help with weight loss?

Caffeine has a thermogenic response on the body. It helps to increase the rate of lipolysis and can increase the metabolism. Caffeine has also been found to help suppress the appetite.

How do I take it?

Take 1 tablet no more than every 3 to 4 hours up to a maximum of 1000 mg (5 tablets) in 24 hours.

Can I take it if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you should not take caffeine supplements. You should also try to limit your caffeine consumption during your pregnancy.

How much Caffeine is there in ALLMAX Caffeine?

There is 200 mg of caffeine in one tablet of ALLMAX caffeine, about as much as in a large, strong cup of coffee.

136 reviews for Caffeine

  1. Ultimate V.

    Good boost for a workout
    Caffeine is for more than alertness, good for a gym workout and has a score so you can take half if wanted. Buy.

  2. It’s easy to break in half by hand
    The caffeine amount of 200 mg is quite large, but since there are grooves in the tablet, it is good to divide it by hand and drink it.
    It is not recommended to take one tablet at a time.

  3. April a.

    Works well

  4. 702Native

    works great for me in the morning to get my day going since I don’t drink coffee!
    works great for me!

  5. Tmarlyn


  6. Frédéric l.

    Top top quality

  7. Amazon C.

    It’s caffeine
    Not much else to report on

  8. KG-Teach123

    Great product!
    These pills are great to take as a pre work out, for a quick pick me up, or just get your day started.

  9. Bridel

    Very responsive
    quality/price ratio

  10. wazscience

    potent and acts fast
    Allmax is a very familiar brand to me, and im not surprised by how well their caffeine pills work. the pills are small, making them easy to swollow, and you dont taste much of the bitterness that comes with caffiene. It acts fairly fast, in as little as 10 mins if taken on an empty stomach, or 20 mins if youve eaten something. Ive had to resort to taking pills like this because energy drinks had very little effect on me, and needed something with a bit more punch to get me through undergrad and in grad school. I recommend this for any student that needs a boost to pull all nighters, or for their workouts.

  11. Barry B.

    Great service

  12. いけのしん

    The driver drinks too much coffee. So economically
    I work on frozen foods, and it’s around 2:00 p.m.
    I get sleepy around 10:00 when I open it, or I
    get sleepy when the delivery is over.

    often buy coffee at customer warehouses to wake up drowsiness.

    That’s why I drank a little caffeine
    and reduced the number of cigarettes nicknamed coffee.
    But my colleague told me that I should stop drinking frequently.
    At most, I sometimes buy
    coffee once or twice a day.

  13. “Big” J.

    Works well despite minor side effects
    200mg of caffeine is potent, but I have been consuming caffeine for my entire life, so I have to take 2 tablets to feel any impact. Anyway, this works remarkably well for me. It takes about 10 minutes for me to feel the effects. The caffeine obviously keeps me awake, alert, and energized for whatever I am doing throughout the day. This product is especially good for me since I am a student and I get punished with insane levels of coursework, and these caffeine pills ensure that I am able to complete the work to a good standard. There are some minor side effects if you take more than 400mg, but you should not be doing that anyway.

  14. shredinger c.

    It’s easy to drink and the effect is just right
    Since it is a tablet, you can drink it without worrying about bitterness
    However, since it is a slightly larger tablet, I think people who are not good at it should be divided and drunk.
    It is
    useful for studying for tests and awakening drowsiness during class.

  15. Wayne

    Great quality.
    Great quality product for the value. Tried other products and came back back to ALLMAX caffeine. I trust the ingredient content of ALLMAX, but with other products I tried, my body reacted badly. Will stay with ALLMAX forever.

  16. Amazon C.

    I actually love the energy these give me… but I only take half at a time.

  17. C. P.

    Wide awake
    I took one of these pills at 4:30pm because I needed a slight pick-me-up to help me finish my day after a busy early morning at work. It is now 3am as I write this review and I am still wide awake. SOS.

  18. Amazon C.

    Very potent for 1.5-2 yrs
    It’s expiry is wrongly mentioned. Not potency before a year of expiry.

  19. Joel B.

    one pill
    I dont drink coffee. One pills helps me wake back up

  20. Bart W.

    Caffeine in a Pill…Yay!
    It’s great to obtain a caffeine hit without having to drink and pee cups of coffee. The line across these make them totally easy to hand-break in half for smaller doses. One of life’s little wonders.

  21. Byron M.

    Good product and flavor

  22. Jayshxwn

    Great Product!
    East to swallow, no complaints!

  23. Mina

    Nothing fancy. Gets the job done
    Pure caffeine. Gets the job done

  24. netto-london

    That’s works
    Very good product . When I take two capsules I get all day on .

  25. Amazon C.

    Great Product
    Works perfectly

  26. john s.

    Thank you

  27. A W.

    Allmax Standard Quality
    Allmax usually is a pretty good standard of quality. These are no different They deliver as expected.

  28. NEX2000

    Can you break it by hand!
    One tablet of 200mg from other manufacturers is too much and it makes me feel uncomfortable, so I used it by dividing it with
    a pill cutter, but this product has grooves and is easy to break by hand

  29. Richard Z.

    no caffeine generous
    Pretty good when you need a boost of energy

  30. Jassim A.

    Works instantly
    I’ve tried other brands and yea its all just caffeine right, but for some reason this specific brand works the best for me personally literally feel soon as you take it

  31. Alan G.

    Great value

  32. Brittany M.

    Highly recommend
    When I really needed a pick me up for motivation this worked great and energy lasts all day, no flavour to the tablets

  33. Mom o.

    Feels clean. Really clean. And mixes well.
    I had mixed feelings about trying this, due to ill judgment as a youth. However, I wanted to try and make my own caffeinated juice-based refresher. This worked perfectly (with mortar and pestle). I’ve also used in smoothies. What I perceive is that it takes less caffeine than I calculate is in the tea/coffee I normally drink to achieve the same level of alertness; it seems to last longer; and it feels less jittery. I’ve researched and researched, and conclude it must be placebo effect – but it’s consistent, so I’ll take it. I split them, half is enough in the morn for me.

  34. Aggi

    Caffeine tablets
    Very good quality, you can feel the effect after 20 min
    Highly recommended

  35. Tim2606

    Very effective
    Suffering fatigue from cancer treatment, these help.

  36. Michael P.

    Pharma grade excellent
    Fantastic quality

  37. Melissa T.

    My go to for a pick me up.
    I have been working night shifts almost 9 months now. These have really helped me so much. The tabs are easy to break in half as it varies on the dose I need. Normally I need them to just help me to wake up. Coffee isn’t strong enough for me, I can usually fall asleep easy. I find one tablet is good enough. I carry extra during my shift for emergencies but never needed them. My bottle lasts me a long time.

  38. Canadian R.

    It’ll deliver
    Definitely does it’s job, took a whole 200mg pill and thought I was gonna die. Should probably split into 2 unless you’re a caffeine addict. Also has a bit of an aftertaste like the creatine of the same brand since it’s a dry, chalky pill compared to a capsule, but really not a big deal

  39. William

    It really works
    Goes down easy.

  40. Sabrina D.

    good product
    It does the job! keeps me alert for a few hours

  41. いさ

    ALLMAX caffeine
    It’s easy to drink

  42. Stephen M.

    great boost
    great for a quick energy boost

  43. Mister P.

    I’ve tried a few different ones and for me, these are the best.
    I have tried a couple of other caffeine pills and for me, these work the best and don’t give me any negative side effects.

  44. Laura K.

    Good quality
    Easy to swallow.

  45. amazon

    Recommended for those who don’t like energy drinks!
    Until now, I used to drink energy drinks to wake up drowsiness, but I was having a hard time not being able to like the taste so much. However, this caffeine tablet is easy and easy to take in the morning. And it’s cheap anyway!

  46. Alex N.

    Caffeine pills my beloved
    They’re pills.
    Its caffeine.
    It’s cheap and plentiful.
    What more could you want?
    This is the Soviet engineering of the medical world.
    Buy these and accept no substitute.
    Live on the edge and take 10 a day.
    Become ungovernable.

    PS: To Hell with coffee. The future is pills in a vibrant blue bottle.

  47. dave j.

    Good caffeine pills
    This is part of my own pre-workout. Excellent product

  48. さいとう

    I’ve tried various caffeine tablets, but eventually they came back to this product.

    If you take one tablet while going to work in the morning, you will see the effect by the time you get to work, and your melancholy will clear up a little.

    No matter how much you sleep at night, you will always feel sleepy during the day, so it’s a necessity.

  49. Amazon C.

    Good Boost
    Product as is described. Gives u a good pump.

  50. I take half a tablet during a boring meeting.
    I think it’s good because you can consume caffeine more efficiently than coffee.

    If you take it during the day, there are no side effects such as drowsiness not coming at night.

  51. Lendon G.

    Just what I needed!
    Works well to give you that extra energy for the day! No ill effects from them.

  52. Sanders

    Great pill best value
    Nice and easy pills. I take them when I’m too tired if I don’t feel like drinking coffee. Is a nice and clean pill great on the stomach no issues.

  53. Shane

    They work
    Prefer 200 mg pills

  54. John N.

    One of the best reactions from caffeine tablet I had gotten. I describe the effect as a nice awakening from a good night of sleep. Altho not the same, I generally sleep ok, but have to wake up early. A caffeine tablet bedside wakes me up and gets my day going very well – no jitters, no crash, very linear energy. I don’t know what ALLMAX did, but this caffeine tablet is the best feeling one I’ve had. Must be because ALLMAX is a tested and clean product line. I love these tablets and you cannot beat the awesome price!

  55. JUN2020

    Take 30 minutes before an important meeting
    No matter how boring the meeting is, it won’t make you feel sleepy. I also take it before work that repeats monotonous tasks such as input work. Be careful not to use too much

  56. Kristen g.

    I work shift work and hate mornings, so when I have an early morning shift these work awesome as I don’t drink coffee. They’re cheap and they work, definitely recommend

  57. Client d.

    Good product!! We feel good the caffeine kick!!!!

  58. Shannon F.

    Super Convenient
    My favorite thing about these tablets is that they are scored and can easily be broken in half for those times with 100mg is a better choice than 200mg.

  59. Chris f.

    works great
    always a good product

  60. Destiny H.

    During my last final weeks of contest prep I lack energy and what I can and cannot consume. My energy is so low. I decided to try out allmax caffeine. I sure am glad i did. On contest prep being natural you have to be careful with what you put into your body! Allmax is clean and athlete approved! I always find confidence for myself and clients while using allmax supplements. Caffeine is a natural powerful stimulant that i rely on for close to comp day! I highly recommend this for all contest prep goers!

  61. AAngel

    caffieine tablet
    its work for the price. no complain for the price

  62. Danny M.

    Good quality and price.
    Does the job that I needed it for at a great price. Seems to be of good quality.

  63. Kelly

    Worth it

  64. ND

    Ready to adjust dosage
    They work and, of you want to adjust the dosage, they can be broken in half very easily.

  65. Mark

    Gives that pick me up when a coffee is not available. Pills are designed in such a way where they are easy to split in half if desired.

    Great quality and would recommend.

  66. GP

    Works well
    No jitters

  67. David

    Doesn’t make me pee like coffee does
    Great for long drives with the elderly

  68. Rafael A.

    Highly recommended
    Very fast shipping and just what I ordered! The quality product! Thank you very much for the attention and the holiday show! I wish you the best this Christmas and next year, we will be in touch!

  69. Cory b.

    Thumbs up
    Good product. Love AllMax

  70. Sebastian

    Extreme value. Just beware of the potency
    They weren’t kidding on the label when they said tested for potency. Way stronger than a cup of Tim Hortons medium coffee which supposedly has the same amount of caffeine. For newcomers, take a QUARTER of a pill and see how it goes. Each pill has 200 mg of caffeine and the recommended limit is 400mg so veterans beware.

    Because the pills are accurate to their label, you essentially get 200 100mg tablets for $8.00 CDN if you break them in half. Unless you really like the taste of coffee or swear by its health benefits there isn’t any reason to not get these over coffee.

    For people who get caffeine anxiety you can try taking 500-1000mg of L-tyrosine to help take the edge off. On days where I really need a boost I’ll also take 500mg of taurine.

  71. はる

    The effect is excellent. Please note that dosage varies by person
    It is a woman with a height of 154 cm standard body.
    Although it is natural, if you refer to the reviews here appropriately, you will see a painful eye so
    let’s examine the amount that suits you and drink…

    my failure story
    If I drank one tablet on the day it arrived, the heart bakbak vision of the thing I was awakened completely blurred, and I got limp about 4 hours later.

    After that, I divide 1/2 or 1/4 by the pill cutter and drink.This amount won’t be bakbak!
    A man might have more to do.

    In addition, in
    order not to reduce the quality of sleep at night with Daigo’s videos and books, it is better not to drink after 14:00.
    ・Even if you take more than 100 mg a day, the effect does not change.
    I’m protecting it because I was saying.(I trust this person because I speak on a paper basis.)

  72. Greg D.

    Works as intended, good price
    They work exactly for how 200mg of caffeine should – about 125% the caffeine that’s in a large RedBull.
    I’m not buying preworkout any more, I’ve started mixing taurine/beta-alanine/creatine/caffeine. Cheaper.
    Would honestly prefer if the pills were 150mg or 300 mg, just because I think 100 is a bit too little and 200 is a tad much.
    But look at me complaining about increments, fact is, these work great.
    Price is nice and cheap as well.
    Not sure why there’s a flavor rating column, I don’t know why you’d chew them.

  73. bria s.

    Taste is awful ! You really gotta huck em down to avoid it! Which isn’t easy! But I also don’t cut them in half! I’ve had other brands with 200 mg w smaller pills! since I don’t take half the dose I might just stick w those! But these still get the job done! Just saying! see ya !

  74. Frank

    Great product

  75. Tingna X.

    Works like a charm
    I’ve been taking these caffeine pills on/off for almost 2 years now for school and for work. I couldn’t stay awake during the day before, but taking one of these babies can keep me pumping for about 8 hours – depending (will explain the tolerance thing later). Sure, coffee is a nice warm drink once in a while, but after my dentists were scaring me about having too many sugary drinks and getting cavities and yellow teeth, I don’t understand why people just don’t take these pills for the simple and easy caffeine fix.

    But remember – these caffeine pills are still chemicals that can alter the body. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that you can build up caffeine tolerance if you over-take these, so I’ve made a schedule for taking these pills so I don’t build up tolerance. Some days, like weekends, when I don’t “need” caffeine, I skip a few days or even a few weeks (depending). Other days, like very busy work-day week days (or even night shifts), I’ll sometimes take 1-2. Anyways, I’m already on me 5th bottle – these work for me and I would recommend.

  76. Frankyboys

    Good price-quality ratio

  77. CJ

    Good product but shop around, fast delivery.
    I am a truck driver and i find this product helps to keep me alert while driving.

  78. George

    Good price
    Excellent price

  79. Helene

    Does the job for me!
    Does the job! I tend to get a drop in energy in the afternoon and this helps me a lot! Not to be taken in the morning or at least take them 2 hrs after being awake otherwise you’ll get a energy drop like no other lol The taste ,well this is not a candy so I did not expect a good taste .

  80. Kyla

    Excellent price
    Very easy to snap in half as advertised if desired. I’m no lightweight so I don’t get a “buzz” but I do feel the difference and crave less coffee.

  81. 高倉祥子

    Easy caffeine
    It’s a sleepy and hard morning savior to wake up drowsiness!

  82. Abril M.

    They work!! I drink one and a half and it keeps me awake from 2pm to 2am!

  83. Crystal D.

    Great Value
    Love that the pills are easy to split in half, you don’t always need 200mg lol

  84. Isha

    Adjustable dose
    The only caffeine I ever use. I love that the pill can easily be broken in half if you need a 100mg dose vs. 200 mg. Perfect as a pre-workout

  85. MarvintheMartian

    was super tired, took one of these, was up allll night no problem. Heart rate stayed lower and I didn’t feel jittery.

  86. みやづか

    Arrived in 5 days from the order.
    It is good that you can easily half the tablet by hand

  87. Yanik F.

    I like these, they are cheap, easy to swallow and you feel the cafein boost

  88. Brian

    They work great
    I used to buy these locally then realized they’re cheaper here! These caffeine pills are great. They break apart very easily (you can break them using your fingers). I rarely pop a whole pill (too much caffeine at once) so I pop a few halves a day. They dissolve VERY quickly (like in your mouth if you wait a few seconds, and they taste HORRIBLE) so I recommend swallowing them quickly. They really work, too. I’ve tried some other brands and either the pills were too small/a pain to cut in half or I didn’t find they really worked, but these get the job done.

  89. Sure awakening effect
    The awakening was also good from the morning, I was able to do the household chores that had accumulated.Basically, I am a human who can not move from morning, but I certainly felt the awakening effect to myself.It is repi confirmed.

  90. IC

    Clean Pre-workout alternative!
    Best substitute for coffee addiction. Give you tons of energy at the gym without nasty ingredients of pre-workout such as sugar!

  91. James

    Gets the job done.
    These caffeine pills are great. Half a pill is about a cup of coffee.

    Don’t overdue these pills though, I once took 3 of em an I got a bad headache.

  92. Tyler M.

    Good quality
    This is stronger than coffee good for students doing exams need stay up for athletes looking for extra stamina boost good stuff

  93. Timbaktu

    Good ..
    This stuff is good , no idea why it’s getting negative reviews though, but be careful with this , try with 1/4,1/2, and then proceed to take the whole tab. Had a sleepless night before I could settle on the right dose.

  94. Danit

    Worth the money
    I’m a deep sleeper so mornings are tough, I just take half (they snap easily) and I’m pretty clear headed after a half hour.

  95. Brent H.

    Take one daily
    I pop one of these each morning at 6am and it really gives me a good amount of energy.

  96. das C.

    It is what it says it is.
    Price is good. Caffeine content in pills seems consistent. That would have been my only concern, but always get the same effect from same number of pills. Will be buying again.

  97. Amazon C.

    Does the job
    Good stuff

  98. LIL P.

    It’s not a fake.
    Because it is not a fake, it is better to take care of overdose only.The effect is amazing.

  99. Tatiana

    Great product. Very happy with the results
    This product is great. I only need a third of one pill in the morning and I am super energic all day.
    Coffee and all the other cofeinated drinks, even black tea or yerba mate, got me nauseated or shaky; not this pill.

  100. Dude

    I Use These All The Time
    I’ve tried other caffeine pills and none of them work as consistently and reliably as AllMax. Its because they lab test every lot! This is the only brand I prefer to buy. Been using them for years. Usually takes about 25mins to kick in, for me. These things have probably saved my life more than once. They’re easy to break in half. Thats usually all I need because they are so consistent with their product! The best of the best in my opinion.

  101. Alexander K.

    It works.
    Not much to say… it’s caffeine…

  102. Amazing products
    The cost performance is great “dying” works, the tablets are cracked and you can adjust the amount.
    Just a unique smell, it’s hard to drink because it’s a big grain.

  103. Vonny C.

    Clean caffeine should be this products name but hey
    Get the right amount of caffeine in a safe formula…. very clean

  104. RV

    Good substitute for coffee
    If you don’t like coffee, this is the best option for you. They are also easy to break in half if you want a smaller dose.

  105. Multi G.

    Great Pre-Workout Supplement!
    I’ve been using a workout supplements off and on for a few years now. More recently I’ve been using Lit. It’s fast acting and really does help me power through hard workouts. But the only thing that I needed from it was the energy (caffeine) and I didn’t want all the extra ingredients anymore. So I thought I’d try this out instead.

    This little pill is amazing! It says it’s as strong as a strong cup of coffee, but I’ve never had a cup of coffee that strong. I take the whole pill right before a long cardio workout or heavy lifting. It starts working almost immediately for me, even though my body is used to this type of supplement. I would say my mind is clear in about 10 minutes and I am ready to go by 20 minutes, with energy to spare by the end of 60.

    I would only take half the pill if you aren’t working out and aren’t used to VERY strong coffee. I believe if I were to take this just as a wake up pill, I would be incredibly jittery all day. I don’t even drink coffee after my workout anymore, that’s how strong it is.

    This may act as a laxative and make you go (#2). After you take the pill, you will probably have to go either immediately or 10-20 minutes later. And halfway through your workout, you’ll probably have to go again. If not, then you’ll definitely go right after. At least that’s been my experience.

    If you have a weak stomach, eat something with this. No need to be a hero and power through a fast only to put this in your very empty stomach. I believe I’ve grown immune to caffeine on an empty stomach because I’ve been intermittent fasting and taking pre-workout supplements (on and off as you should) for over year. But even I feel a little weird at first. It usually passes very quickly, but if it didn’t, I’d be downing this with a glass of milk or something.

    Drink lots of water. I get very thirsty on this and tend to drink about 1 gallon per day. And trust me, I don’t have to force it. I need it. I think it’s a cross between the caffeine and sweating a lot more from working so hard.

    All in all, I highly recommend this to people looking for a good pre-workout supplement for energy. Personally I don’t use it to stay alert, so I can’t say how well it works just for that, but to give you an idea I don’t get tired during the day AT ALL even after a 45-60 intense workout.

    This is an effective and economical option for a pre-workout supplement and in my experienced works better, longer and faster than the premixed powders I’ve used.

  106. Jagvir S.

    Effective… take one pill before exercise…

  107. Ouchsicle

    Great little white tablets
    Need a pick me up? Take one and done.

  108. Prathamesh K.

    Powerful Caffeine 🔥
    This is the best caffeine tablet I ever had. I have tried ProLab, MuscleTech, Healthkart, Nutrex Research. But Allmax is most powerful, premium quality at reasonable price. You can blindly go for it.

  109. まりりん

    I bought caffeine tablets for the first time in interest, but it
    works surprisingly.
    When I can’t beat my drowsiness at work, I drink it in half.
    It works quickly, so it is safe to have it.

    However, it seems that it will not work if you use it too often, and you
    must be careful of caffeine poisoning, so be
    careful of frequency and capacity, and rely onI’m trying not to get too much.

  110. Jenny P.

    It helps with endurance
    Doesn’t upset stomach

  111. まゆ

    I am drinking one tablet at lunch.
    No matter how many cups of coffee you drink, drowsiness after lunch was gone.

    As others have said, you will be attacked by a strong drowsiness when the time seems to have expired.
    I think it’s not good for my body, so I try to drink only on my work day.I think I will buy it again when I go away.

  112. malcolm

    Works for caffeine headache
    Best value for the money. Snap them in two and saves me going to get a coffee at the drive thru.

  113. Zhra Z.

    It’s not effective at all n smells like spoilt milk.
    Money wasted this time.

  114. Waleed R.

    Does exactly what it should
    Used this for studying, took one at 8 pm did not fall asleep until 5am, 10/10.

  115. Amazon C.

    Works trss well

  116. Sassan S.

    Best caffeine pills
    Great pills. Splits in half. Gets the job done.

  117. María E.

    Quality and good price.
    Excellent, compared to other products.

  118. ZYUKEN
    It’s a ronin.When I was in high school, I was drinking coffee just for caffeine.Coffee is a high thing.I bought canned coffee at a convenience store while I went to school, bought coffee at a nearby cafe…I’m going to buy coffee and chocolate.How many yen did you spend in a year?Canned coffee is also bad for the environment.

    However, this supplement can only consume caffeine.In other words, students don’t have to buy high canned coffee or monsters.You don’t have to drink bad coffee (canned coffee is bad).

    Candidates who are drinking coffee only, can you concentrate, do you want?

  119. Archimedes

    Works very well. I haven’t had a cup of coffee since I bought this.

  120. Chris P.

    Works well
    Give me the caffeine boost I need to get through some tough workouts

  121. P.O.W

    Quick and effective
    Feel the kick in few minutes. Love it

  122. Amazon C.

    Quality and price
    Very good product, gives a lot of energy and does not hurt the stomach, does not help you loose weight tho, but a lot of energy. Less expensive than in my local pharmacy and fast delivery.

  123. Jessie

    University student essentials
    These actually work quite nice. I wake up at 4:15am on weekdays and leave the house at 5:15am to transit to class. I take 100mg when I leave the house and the other 100mg when I arrive to class, or a few hours later. Great coffee replacement since I’m not a fan of having to carry around coffee in a mug inside my backpack as I usually prefer ice water.

  124. クリング

    This is nice.
    If I don’t have this anymore, I’ll have a headache.
    So I keep buying.

  125. Erica

    Best product for your money
    My go to caffeine pill. Husband swears by these.

  126. タロ

    Peace of mind
    I drink it in half every morning.
    I don’t know if this is working, but I’m relieved if I drink it.

  127. Alberto V.

    Good product
    Good product for a good price! The package is nice and the pills are easy to swallow even without any liquid. Also, the pills have a “divisor,” which makes it easier for us to cut it in half.

  128. シャカシャカ釈迦
    I could get sleepy during school classes, and in the morning I drank a bottle of monster energy, but I bought this item because of the
    cospa and nutritional value.
    Drink around 7 o’clock in the morning and it feels sleepy until around 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock.(My personal story, but)
    Cospa is also overwhelmingly good, and it’s possible to drink it in half, so I thought it would be good.

    Monster Energy Psycho!!!!!!


    And when a little dull, active when drowsiness is terrible!Cospa is better than drinking drinks such as mega shaki, so we recommend it.
    Because there are many grains, I always divide it in half, but I wake up my eyes in less than 30 minutes, and I also pull out the dull.

  130. Outstanding effect
    When you wake up light
    drowsiness, I use one tablet when you
    take half a tablet. It takes about 10 minutes to take it.Take it occasionally, but if you take it at night, it becomes difficult to sleep

  131. Cindy K.

    Better than drinking coffee

  132. Legit R.

    Best caffeine pills
    These pills are good and strong like the doctor ordered!!

  133. Salvador

    They work
    They will keep you awake

  134. Shane F.

    Great price to quantity
    Definitely works, easy to swallow because they are so small and lightweight. Great price for the quantity.

  135. Laurel M.

    Great caffeine product. I have stomach issues, so I can’t usually drink coffee, but I NEED my caffeine in the mornings, and these tablets allow me to do it. They are 200mg, but if you need to take smaller amounts, they are designed to be easily broken in half to make your life easier. Great for waking me up in the morning, or long drives.

  136. stb

    Simple and vest
    ・Tablets are small
    overseas products, but the tablets are very small and easy to drink.

    ・Easy to split It
    contains a dent for dividing into two in the middle of the tablet, and can be easily divided into two.

    This is the only pill of caffeine that meets these two points.
    The effect is also firmly felt, it is a very good product.

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