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Rapid Mass Gain Catalyst


  • Gain Lean Body Mass Fast*
  • 1010 Nutrient-Dense Calories*
  • 24 Added Vitamins and Minerals


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CLEAN BULKING IS HERE! QUICKMASS FOR FAST LEAN GAINS! Simply put, if you’re not consuming more calories than your body is burning, you will not gain mass – you can’t argue with this fact! QUICKMASS works by providing a precise 1010 calories per serving (four scoops) with custom engineered nutrient matrices that set the gold-standard in mass gainers. Allmaxed-phone-banner-brad

  • Gain Lean Body Mass Fast*

  • 1010 Nutrient-Dense Calories*

  • 24 Added Vitamins and Minerals

NOTE: This sample is for flavor only. Contains 1/8th of 1 full serving. PURPOSE: INCREASE LEAN WEIGHT GAIN AND MUSCLE STRENGTH.* RECOMMENDED DOSE: Mix entire contents of this packet with ~2 oz (~60 ml) of cold water or milk. For optimum mass gain results, it is recommended to consume 1 serving twice daily of QUICKMASS® for an 8 week period. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


What is it?
QUICKMASS is a rapid weight gainer. By adding QUICKMASS to your training program, you can rapidly gain lean body mass. QUICKMASS provides a whopping 1010 calories per serving (four scoops) and 60 grams of high-quality protein in a proven 3-to-1 Carb to Protein ratio. With a stack like that it’s no wonder those who have tried QUICKMASS have raved about how quickly it helped them pack on the lean mass.
How do I take it?
Servings should be combined with 4 oz of cold water per scoop and mixed thoroughly in a blender. Mix 8 oz (or 1 cup) of water per 1 scoop of QUICKMASS (16 oz of water with 4 scoops or 2 scoops with 8 oz of water). For optimum mass gain results, it is recommended to consume QUICKMASS 4 scoops (1 Serving) twice daily for an 8-week period.
There are two ways to supplement with QUICKMASS:
Rapid Mass Gain Phase™
Four scoops of QUICKMASS twice a day. Take the first serving between your first and second meal and your second serving immediately following training. Rapid Mass Gain Phase is ideal for those looking to put quality lean mass on fast.
Mass Maintain Phase™
Two scoops of QUICKMASS twice a day. Take the first serving between your first and second meal and your second serving immediately following training. The Mass Maintain Phase is ideal for those who have already completed the Rapid Mass Gain Phase and have reached their target weight, but now want to maintain their gains.
Can I cut back on my serving size and still see the same results?
You can cut back on the serving size and still get the superior macronutrient profile of QUICKMASS without getting a full 1010 calories. However, research indicates to see the same results as the study group experienced at California State University, you should consume two serving sizes of QUICKMASS, which equals 2020 calories. You can definitely reduce the number of scoops depending on your mass gaining goals and due to the exceptional macronutrient profile still benefit heavily from its use.
How long will it take to see results?
If you’re consuming an additional 2020 calories a day, you should start to experience rapid changes to your body. However, we suggest that you supplement with QUICKMASS twice a day along with a solid weight training program for at least 8 weeks to experience the true potential QUICKMASS can offer.
Has any research been conducted on QUICKMASS?
gold standard, eight-week study conducted at California State University on a weight gainer with a nutrient profile equivalent to QUICKMASS showed extremely promising results. Test subjects who consumed the weight gainer daily gained an average of 6.6 lb and total body mass over an 8-week period. This study proves that adding QUICKMASS to your program can help you gain weight like never before!
What should I mix QUICKMASS with?
QUICKMASS has an excellent flavor and consistency. It mixes very well with water in a blender or in a shaker cup. While we do recommend water, if you prefer, you can blend QUICKMASS with milk. If you’re using milk or extra ingredients, it will increase the thickness and you may need additional liquid.
How many times a day should I use QUICKMASS?
For optimal results, you should consume QUICKMASS twice a day. One serving in the morning and the second serving after you workout or before you go to bed. Taking less than the suggested serving size will not guarantee the same results.
What is NP5?
NP5 is a groundbreaking technology unique to QUICKMASS that unlocks calorie potential via calorie activation. The calorie activation technology made up of protein absorption agents with enzymatic nutrient activators that allow the body to utilize calories more efficiently, thereby triggering rapid gains in lean body mass. Patented Cinnulin PF dramatically improves nutrient and creatine absorption. The result: you absorb the highest quality nutrients effectively to turn calories into mass.
Who should take QUICKMASS?
QUICKMASS is for anyone who is looking to gain quality, lean muscle. Although it’s extremely popular with bodybuilders and powerlifters, anyone can use QUICKMASS. We have even found it helpful for women who have trouble gaining weight too.
Does QUICKMASS contain any banned substances?
Like every ALLMAX product, QUICKMASS has been lab tested, and certified to guarantee satisfaction. There aren’t many other companies that stand behind the quality of our products like we do.
How much weight can I gain?
Although results differ from person to person, test subjects using pre-market QUICKMASS prototypes were gaining quite a bit of weight in as little as 10 days. Take Nelson Dasilva for example, an IFBB professional bodybuilder who thought he would never breakthrough a dreaded mass building plateau. That was until he added QUICKMASS into his program and added an amazing 10 lb of lean mass in as little as 13 days. Try QUICKMASS for yourself and experience how much weight you can gain as quickly as possible.
What makes QUICKMASS Superior to the other weight gainers on the market? QUICKMASS is unique for a number of reasons:
  1. Calorie Activator: QUICKMASS is the world’s first and only calorie-activated mass gainer. Only team ALLMAX can bring you this patent- pending exclusive compound!
  2. Reduced Sugars: NOW WITH 60% LESS SUGAR! Only 3g per scoop. Many other weight gainers contain carbohydrates that are derived from sugar. QUICKMASS contains an exclusive carbohydrate complex called Carb-Plex, an 8-HR slow release clean carb blend. This carbohydrate blend exclusive to QUICKMASS is powered by long-chain, healthy and complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, rolled oats and quinoa along with scientifically studied and tested carbs like Vitafiber.
  3. Zero Trans Fats: The saturated fat content in many other weight gainers is usually way too high. Not only does QUICKMASS have zero trans fats but it also contains Coconut Oil powder, a valuable source of Medium-Chain Triglycerides.
  4. High Quality Protein: QUICKMASS uses 60g of sustained-release protein to build lean quality mass. MASSPRO creates a rapid and sustained delivery of muscle-building proteins that work continuously all day to recover and grow. With our precise 3:1 CARB:PROTEIN ratio, you know you are getting the right nutrients to grow.
  5. Real Science: QUICKMASS is supported by clinical research based out of California State University.
I find 4 scoops of QUICKMASS to be too much to take at once, can I split up the serving sizes?
If you find 4 scoops too many to consume at once, you can take 2 scoops 4 times a day. On training days, take 2 scoops 4 times a day: 2 scoops upon waking; 2 scoops 1 hour prior to training; 2 scoops after training; and 2 scoops right before bed. On days off: take 2 scoops upon waking; 2 scoops 4 hours later; 2 scoops 4 hours after that; and 2 scoops right before bed.
Once I’ve reached my goal weight do I still need to take the recommended serving size of QUICKMASS?
When you’ve reached your goal weight, you can start to follow the maintenance phase. It is no longer necessary to consume a full 4 scoops a day. You can reduce your serving size to 1 or 2 scoops twice a day – upon waking and after training and on days off – upon waking and right before bed.
What certifications does QUICKMASS have?
  • QUICKMASS is independently tested by Informed Choice for WADA Banned Substances. Product is purchased randomly from retailers by Informed Choice and tested. As a random purchase of any in-market
  • QUICKMASS product, we feel that this offers you the consumer the best protection. As an actual 3rd party service with a recognized certification logo, you can go to their site http://www.informed-choice.org/supplement-search/allmax-nutrition/quickmass-loaded and see verified tested lots that have been posted.
  • QUICKMASS is Kosher certified (Dairy)
  • QUICKMASS has been produced in a cGMP and NSF Registered facility
How much Creatine is in QUICKMASS?
Creatine is the most heavily researched, longest running and most effective supplement to help increase both strength and mass quickly. There is 0.75 g (or 750 mg) of Creatine Monohydrate per scoop and 3 g per serving of QUICKMASS. With the recommended 2 servings of QUICKMASS per day, you will be getting 6 g of Creatine per day along with the high quality Carbs and Protein needed to gain mass quickly. For even more information on Creatine have a look at our Creatine Essentials page.


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