The ultimate in MASS GAINING stacks – this line up is for individuals who want to set HUGE goals and push their limits. To dominate the iron and GROW you must have the right supplements in your arsenal. ALLMAX Nutrition delivers with this MASS GAINING Stack. GET HUGE!


Natural Male Testosterone Support

TORODEX™ increases Bioavailable Testosterone from 5.9 to 28.1% that’s a 376% increase in total Testosterone!

TESTOFX is our research-based, scientifically-validated 5-Stage Testosterone Amplifier. TESTOFX is a natural, clinical strength formula, complete with the full dosage of active ingredients as indicated to be effective by research. This formula addresses all of the key factors that maximize the effect and impact of testosterone in the body.

When to take: Each Day Upon Rising

IMPACT – Igniter

Explosive Pre-Workout Stimulant

IMPACT Igniter drives extreme motivation through a powerful blend of intense stimulants and advanced focus through cognitive enhancement agents. The intense motivation gets you into the gym and the extreme focus keeps you there.

When to take: 20-30 mins Before Workout


Post Workout Mass Gainer Protein

Clean bulking is here! Now with 60% less sugar per serving. We have redesigned QUICKMASS to build on what was already an industry leading, technically superior formula. We’ve kept the same proven, researched based, 1010 calorie/60g protein per serving and we still have a superior complex carb blend to fuel your gains but now we’ve made it even better.

Our 60g protein yield is 100% sourced from only the very best protein source – pure milk exclusively from U.S. dairy farmers. Our CARBPLEX carb blend has been improved to add healthier, long chain, complex carbs and it now has 60% less sugar. Even our absorption complex has been upgraded to improve absorption. While we were at it, we created the 5 best tasting flavors you’ll ever get in a mass gainer. QUICKMASS – a truly superior mass gainer, in every way.

When to take: After Training


Post Workout Recovery

CVOL™ is a FULL-SPECTRUM, POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY DRINK designed to deliver increases in Muscle Strength and Volume. Get more out of every workout. Get stronger every time you train. CVOL has the ingredients that will help your muscles recover better, faster; every time. With two of the coolest, most refreshing flavors ever to hit the post-workout stage.

When to take: After Training