In order to make continuous progress with your physique you must first focus on creating an effective workout program that is geared specifically towards your personal needs and goals. Next you must turn your attention toward fueling your body with the proper foods/nutrients every day so that what you do in the gym is well supported by the highest quality proteins, carbs and fats for recovery, repair and growth.


Once these two foundational components are firmly in place it is then time to devise a sound, intelligent and meticulous supplement protocol that will provide for you the final edge that can take you from adequate to extraordinary! The following represents my favorite ALLMAX Massive Muscle Gains Stack, which can provide gains of between 5-8 lb. of solid mass in as little as eight weeks!

What: AMINOCORE (1-2 scoops)

Why: Rapid entry of BCAAs into system to shut down catabolism

When: Upon rising / Intraworkout

What: TESTOFX (3 capsules)

Why: To ignite release of natural testosterone & lower estrogen.

When: With meal one.

What: IMPACT Igniter (1 serving)

Why: Improve lifts, increase pump & better recovery.

When: About 20-30 minutes before workout.

What: CVOL (1 serving)

Why: Aid anabolic mechanisms for maximum repair & growth.

When: Immediately post workout.

What: L-LEUCINE (5 grams)

Why: Stimulates mTOR pathway for maximizing hypertrophy.

When: Immediately post workout.

What: QUICKMASS (3-4 scoops)

Why: Fast-acting & easily digestible proteins, carbs & fats.

When: Within 25-35 minutes post workout.

What: ZMX2 (2-3 capsules)

Why: Aids relaxation, quality of sleep & increases natural test levels.

When: About 30 minutes before bed on an empty stomach.

What: GLUTAMINE (10 g)

Why: Helps recovery & enhances immune system function.

When: About 30 minutes before bed on an empty stomach.

What: CREATINE (5 grams)

Why: Aids strength, power increases & enhanced muscle growth.

When: With meal one