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The Guide To Building Muscle

By IFBB Coach Eric Broser
Training/Diet/Supplementation Tips

I would say that the majority of people who decide to start weight training do so because they desire to build more muscle.


while others only wish to appear more aesthetically pleasing, with better overall shape. And of course, there are a myriad of goals that lie in between these extremes. However, since the foundational goal, in any case, is igniting muscle hypertrophy, there are some basic parameters that should be followed (by most trainees) in order to maximize one’s results.

What follows are some useful tips that will help anyone looking to build more lean mass to get it done more quickly and efficiently.

Training Tips



Limit workouts to no more than 4-5 per week. I suggest a two-day on, 1 day off, 3 day on, 1 day off schedule. Remember, we do not grow while in the gym, but when we are at rest.


While repetitions are important, what is more vital is “time under tension” or TUT. When looking to affect hypertrophy it is optimal to keep a muscle under tension for approximately 30-40 seconds per set. So, if you are performing 8 repetitions, than each one should take 4-5 seconds to complete.


Focus on the negative stroke of the lift. The eccentric, or negative, contraction has been shown to be more important for igniting muscle growth than the positive. Because of this, make sure to always control the lowering portion of each rep, taking about 3 seconds in this phase


Each workout should take no longer than 75-90 minutes to complete. Because we each have limited recovery ability, if you perform too many sets, it will become counterproductive and cut into your progress.

Diet Tips



You will gain muscle more efficiently if you eat 5-7 smaller meals per day, rather than three larger ones. Not only will you digest and assimilate smaller meals better, but you will also keep a more constant level of nutrients available to your muscles by eating this way.


Shoot for a daily intake of protein in the neighborhood of 1.25 to 1.75 grams per lb. of bodyweight. While all macronutrients are important to facilitating muscle growth, none are more vital than protein.


Try to vary your protein sources each day so as to create a more complete “amino acid pool” in your system, which will assist with increased hypertrophy. Every protein food has a slightly different amino acid profile, so by mixing your sources you will have the most balanced levels of aminos available to muscle cells.


Consume your largest portion of carbohydrates with breakfast and your post workout meal. It is as these two “feedings” that insulin sensitivity is highest, and thus the most efficient transfer of nutrients will occur – pushing them directly into muscle cells.


Make sure to consume a slow-acting protein (casein, red meat, eggs, cottage cheese) before bed so that your body/muscles will have a steady supply of amino acids throughout the night.

Supplementation Tips


As I have mentioned time and again, one’s training and nutrition program must be on point if maximum progress is desired. However, once these things are in place, there is zero doubt that adding a scientifically proven, precision targeted supplementation regimen can lift one’s results to an entirely new level.

Since this article is specifically about building muscle, let’s take a look at the ALLMAX “PURE MASSIVE MUSCLE MASS STACK” and how it can help you reach your goals more quickly and efficiently.


CARBION: This research proven carbohydrate matrix was formulated to increase energy and maximize performance through improved blood glucose regulation and by providing “phased delivery” muscle fueling so your workouts are as intense as possible.

(Add 1 scoop to 12 oz of water and drink prior to your workout. You can consume an additional scoop right after training to maximize muscle glycogen reloading).

Sugar-free post-workout recovery drink

C:VOL: Helps to foster many vital facets of recovery after intense training. The combination of an advanced Creatine chelate complex, Beta-Alanine and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate that is supplied in CVOL has been shown in many research studies to be optimal for maximizing muscular repair and recuperation.

Remember, your progress will come to a screeching halt if optimal recovery is not addressed. (Take one serving immediately after training).


HEXAPRO: This is a delicious blend of 6 unique, premium protein species that provide rapid, medium and slow release of amino acids. While it can be used any time of day to serve as a top-notch protein source.

It is highly recommended before bedtime, as it will keep your muscles properly fed all night long. (Mix 1-2 scoops into water and consume right before retiring for the evening).


AMINOCORE: This is ALLMAX’s technologically advanced BCAA product, and one of the most important supplements one can take for building muscle.

BCAA’s are responsible for such vital actions as increasing protein synthesis, decreasing protein breakdown, boosting energy during workouts, lowering the severity of muscle soreness, and enhancing the post workout hormonal profile. (Take 1 scoop upon rising and about 30 minutes before workouts).


CREATINE: No compound has been more studied and scientifically validated for producing gains in size and strength than creatine. By keeping your muscle cells loaded with this nutrient, you can more efficiently resynthesize ATP, resulting in stronger and more intense workouts.

Additionally, creatine has been shown by various physiological mechanisms to directly affect muscle growth. (Take 5 grams per day, either in the morning or with your post workout meal).

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