Agmatina + Arginina
Agmatina+arginina ultrapura: la bomba perpetua

Agmatina + Arginina

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  • Helps Improve Body Composition
  • Improves Blood Flow to Muscles
  • Supports a Healthy Stress Response
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Agmatine is a small molecule that the body makes naturally from the amino acid, Arginine. Agmatine is a decarboxylized Arginine metabolite. More simply, Agmatine is what Arginine converts to within the body. Agmatine has become popular for its ability to support long lasting pumps. Referred to by some as the ‘perpetual pump’! It also has been shown in some studies to help control cortisol levels.
• Ayuda a mejorar la composición corporal
• Mejora el flujo sanguíneo a los músculos
• Apoya una respuesta saludable al estrés