Nutrientes de digestión óptima que nuestro cuerpo necesita

Enzimas digestivas

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  • 11 High Potency Enzymes
  • Enhanced Nutrient Digestion
  • Optimal Protein Absorption
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DIGESTIVE ENZYMES help to eliminate digestive upsets like gas, bloating and indigestion often associated with competitive athletes who observe strict nutritional programs. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES has a digestion complex that is very high in potency and has 4 different variations with different pH activities to ensure maximum protein absorption. Enhanced protein absorption leads to increased levels of plasma amino acids and nitrogen retention levels, both essential for growth and recovery. 11 different enzyme forms have been recruited to supply a truly full spectrum of highly active enzymes.
• 11 enzimas de alta potencia
• Digestión mejorada de nutrientes
• Absorción óptima de proteínas