Best Pre-Workout Ingredient for Mental Focus: ALPHA-GPC

Being ultra-focused and attentive when hoisting the heavy iron is an absolute must when seeking the exponential results that’ll take your bodybuilding progress further than ever before. Alpha-GPC, as part of a performance stack, or when used separately, could be the single most exciting enhancer of mental focus to have come along in decades. IMPACT IGNITER’S 150mg serving of this potent neural-energizer will have you locked into your workout from the moment your hands grasp the unforgiving steel to the final rep of another exhaustive session.

As the most potent naturally-occurring form of the water-soluble vitamin choline, Alpha-GPC benefits (Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine) include enhancing mood, feelings of wellbeing, and cognition (specifically memory recall). Alpha-GPC directly bolsters mental processes at the cellular level by strengthening the inner membranes of cells, replenishing the phospholipid outer coating of cells, and improving the communication between cells. 

Tunnel Vision   
Complete tunnel vision is the superior mental state for growth-inducing gains. It’s imperative when cranking out the final reps of an especially grueling set. Such extreme focus is often referred to as the flow state, where complete concentration takes center stage and everything clicks into place. You’ll know this state when you experience it. When it occurs, muscle failure will no longer be a limiting factor. You’ll achieve those golden final reps essential for solid muscle gains. However, extreme focus can only be achieved via peak mental optimization. Alpha-GPC has been scientifically proven to enhance the flow state necessary for sustained peak performance by neuronally priming the body for maximum physical output.2


Power Production and Growth Hormone Release
Alpha-GPC has been shown to improve power output by 14% relative to a placebo when taken 45 minutes before activity and can also lead to exercise-induced growth hormone spikes, both critically important to training success and when seeking to fully flesh-out the physique.1, 4, 9 
Improved Neurotransmitter Functioning
Alpha-GPC has also been shown to increase Dopaminergic, Serotonergic and GABAergic neurotransmission. Dopamine and Serotonin both enhance motivation, attention, mental focus and wellbeing while GABA improves mental clarity and mood, enhances growth hormone release and can also lead to performance benefits such as increased explosiveness and improved mobility.5, 6, 7, 8
Rapid Results
Alpha-GPC is fast-acting and highly bioavailable when taken orally. Once ingested, it’s rapidly metabolized into a combination of choline and a byproduct called glycerophosphate. Together these performance compounds instantly increase alertness and clarity of thought.
Alpha-GPC’s neuroprotective benefits and cognition-enhancing effects will also begin to take place immediately. The first thing you’ll experience is increased signal transmission between brain cells. You’ll think and respond faster. Your focus will improve instantly and you’ll be ready to train with a new level of determination and drive.
Acetylcholine Power
A precursor to the powerfully energizing neurotransmitter acetylcholine, choline improves memory formation, recall and a host of additional cognitive functions such as learning ability, concentration and mental focus. Each of these functions is integral to productive workouts. However, it’s enhanced focus and attention that’ll prime you for the best workouts of your life.
 Important pre-workout stimulants like caffeine have been shown to deplete choline levels in the brain. It’s therefore important that hard-training athletes are neuronally charged with a hefty dose of Alpha-GPC-derived choline prior to beginning their workouts or engaging in competition. Most important however is the beneficial interaction of choline and caffeine. By combining these two ingredients a synergistic effect whereby neuronal acetylcholine concentrations are greatly increased will ensure that sufficiently high intensity levels are consistent across the entire workout.3
Long Term Benefits
Alpha-GPC is no quick fix. Its benefits are both immediate and long-lasting. While some stimulants rapidly respond to supercharge the neurons, Alpha-GPC works at the cellular level to permanently optimize mental focus while also providing a powerful stimulatory effect. With Alpha-GPC, zeroing in on a succession of lifts with laser-like focus and completing each with energy to spare will have you growing faster than ever.
 A lack of motivation should never again be to blame for poor workouts. The improved strength gains and acute growth hormone spiking that occur with Alpha-GPC will also increase your results beyond those experienced with lesser pre-workout compounds. But only the purest and most highly bioavailable form of Alpha-GPC will give you benefits like superior mental focus. With IMPACT IGNITER you’re getting the most effective form of Alpha-GPC pre workout available today.
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