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Beta-Alanine Blasts Through Muscle Fatigue

  Don’t sacrifice your training to muscle fatigue.


By supplementing with beta-alanine, you can significantly increase your lifting time for prolonged strength and longer workouts without the debilitating burn of acid build-up. When you exercise, acidity levels increase in your muscles causing a build-up of lactic acid and this leads to cramping and muscular fatigue. While the muscles are equipped to deal with exercise-induced stress with built-in chemical and physico-buffers, under intense short-burst training like HIT, these buffers are insufficient and the muscles call upon intramuscular stores of phosphates and peptides to buffer lactic acid build-up. One of those peptides is carnosine, which is a highly effective physico-buffer that soaks up lactic acid to prevent muscular fatigue. While you can train your muscles to produce more carnosine to prevent fatigue, the amounts vary from athlete to athlete and from training method to training method. Studies show that the only truly effective way to burst through muscular fatigue and promote the production of carnosine is with beta-alanine supplementation. Studies show that supplementing your training with beta-alanine (4 to 6.4 grams) results in significant increases of carnosine by 40-60%. The success of carnosine’s buffering effect relies heavily on the availability of beta-alanine and so, supplementing with beta-alanine becomes even more crucial to muscular growth and reaching your personal best. A four-week study testing the effect of beta-alanine on total work done showed a 13% increase in performance and after 10 weeks, this percentage went up by an additional 3.2%. This effect is carried over to endurance athletes who also benefit from beta-alanine supplementation. In one 28-day study, a sample of regular guys showed a significant increase in their ventilatory threshold (VT).4 Further studies back up these findings. Another group, this time of elite male cyclists who supplemented their training with beta-alanine over a 12-week period showed increases in their VT and time to exhaustion, and a reduction in their neuromuscular fatigue.


ALLMAX has acquired the purest pharmaceutical-grade beta-alanine source called Beta-SYNTH™. An 11-Stage process is used to produce this white crystalline substance. Beta-SYNTH™ then goes through a hyper-micronization process that gives you a fine, high-absorption form of beta-alanine that is exclusive to ALLMAX. Beta-SYNTH™ has been laboratory tested to absolute pharmaceutical-grade 100% purity. You will feel the difference! In just one week, you should start to notice a difference in your training endurance, with greater results occurring around the three to four week mark. With muscle carnosine increases of 40-60% after four weeks, theoretically you could increase your bench press max by as much as 30 lbs with training – now that’s serious muscle! Check out these ALLMAX products for your muscle-building dose of beta-alanine:


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