3 Ways to Boost Summer Endurance and How Endurance Supplements Can Help

3 Ways to Boost Summer Endurance and How Endurance Supplements Can Help

  • Summer is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy everything life has to offer.
  • Hot temperatures and increased sun exposure can quickly lead to dehydration and fatigue.
  • Proper Nutrition, Training, and Supplementation will help you achieve the endurance you need this summer.
  • Carbion+ is perfectly suited to boost your endurance so you can outlast even the hottest summer day.
  • Refresh, Hydrate, Perform, and Recover with Carbion+.
Are you prepared for summer?
Are you prepared for summer? Summer is finally here, and with it come all the benefits of hot weather, lots of sunshine, and our favourite outdoor activities. From running, cycling, and hiking to swimming, kayaking, beachside frolicking, summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the best life has to offer! One of the most important things to keep in mind as you slather on the sunscreen and suit up in your best beach attire is that summer weather also comes with increased demands on your body. Hot temperatures and increased sun exposure pose unique challenges to human health and well-being, and in recent years the world has also seen extreme weather phenomena increase in frequency due to the dramatic effects of climate change. When you spend any significant amount of time outside during the summer months you need to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may choose to throw your way. Aside from the usual recommendations to protect yourself with sunscreen and stay hydrated, finding ways to boost your endurance, stamina, and aerobic capacity will go a long way to ensuring your summer is a smash success. How can I boost my endurance and stamina this summer? There are three key methods for boosting summer performance, but ultimately, endurance and stamina must be built over time through a dedicated nutrition, training, and supplementation regime.
  1. Nutrition
The first part of building endurance is nutrition, and this includes your basic needs for clean air, water, and nutritious food. Getting enough water everyday is absolutely critical for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, and this means getting the equivalent of at least 15.5 cups/day for men and 11.5 cups/day for women. Some of this water can be obtained through the food you eat, but if you exercise or do any sort of activity that raises your respiration rate or gets you sweating, you will need to increase your water intake.
  1. Training
The second and most important part of building endurance and stamina is a proper aerobic training program. If you want to be able to keep up while playing beach volleyball, cycling around a new city, or hiking in the mountains, you’re going to need to have the aerobic capacity for these activities. I hate to use the “C”-word, because I know a lot of us have a complicated history with it, but if you really want to boost your summer stamina, you're going to need to do some “Cardio.” As much as we love to hate cardio, performing these types of aerobic expanding exercises is critical for overall health and is a surefire way to ensure you’ll have the capacity to keep going on those long, hot summer days.
  1. Supplementation
Finally, it’s important to consider the way that high-quality supplementation can enhance your nutrition and training regimes. Although there’s no shortcut to stamina or endurance, proper supplementation can make the journey from cardio zero to cardio hero a heck of a lot easier. What you’re going to want to look for in summer endurance boosting supplements is a well-crafted blend of energy-sustaining carbohydrates, hydration-boosting electrolytes, and ingredients that promote sustained release and effective absorption. With an eye towards summertime performance and athletic excellence, Allmax Nutrition has crafted a professional-grade supplement that can give you exactly the boost you need to keep going all summer long. Carbion+ is the perfect choice for both professional and everyday athletes that are looking to amp up their endurance during the summer months and beyond.  

ALLMAX CARBION High performance Electrolyte Hydration Drink

  Carbion+ is High-Performance Training Fuel Whether you need rapid energy or fast recovery, Carbion+ is ideally suited to boost your performance without the nasty crash that accompanies other sugary performance drinks. With a 4-pronged approach designed to refresh, hydrate, perform, and recover, Carbion+ is the summer supplement you’ve been looking for. Refresh With three delicious, invigorating flavours and an unflavoured blend designed to mix with other pre-, intra-, and post-workout supplements, Carbion+ is not your average sports drink. Featuring a highly-soluble blend of precisely engineered carbohydrates, Carbion+ mixes easily and tastes incredible, crushing even the most severe heat and activity-induced thirst. Zero Bloat technology helps ensure you won’t feel like you’ve just fueled, helping you keep going longer and stronger. Hydrate Carbion+ is formulated with the 4 key electrolytes that help maintain peak bodily function. With a balanced blend of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium, you’ll never struggle to stay hydrated—even during the most intense exercise. Optimized for absorption, these electrolytes will go where you need them exactly when you need them. There’s no holding back with the incredible hydration ability of Carbion+. Perform Ultimately, you're concerned about maximizing energy, stamina, endurance, and performance, and Carbion+ delivers it all. You won’t find any sugar in Carbion+, because we know that long-lasting energy is what your summer activities demand of you. You’re not going to feel the crash of regular sugar-based sports drinks, and the only reason you’ll fatigue is because you’ve reached your ultimate limit—not the limit imposed by an inferior sports drink. Recover Everything about Carbion+ is also perfectly designed to help you recover. Carbohydrates are often overlooked in the recovery process, but Carbion+ features slow-release carbs that help replenish blood glucose and glycogen stores that have been depleted through exercise.  If you don’t fuel after intense exercise, you risk the loss of muscle tissue by way of protein catabolism. Ensuring you get enough carbs post-workout can help prevent this and keep your hard-earned muscle gains. There’s so much more that could be said about Carbion+, but it’s high time you get out there, soak up some sun, and sweat it out with the help of the Allmax line of professional-grade supplements. Whether you are looking to boost summer endurance or meet any other sports nutrition needs, Allmax has you covered. You can find a comprehensive line of the highest-quality endurance supplements, protein powders, pre- and post-workout supplements, weight-loss and weight-gain supplements, and so much more at allmaxnutrition.com.





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