Can Organic Collagen Powder Supercharge Your Workout Recovery?

Can Organic Collagen Powder Supercharge Your Workout Recovery?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body that acts as a building block for ligaments, muscles, bones, tendons and skin. It’s an important part of overall health and is especially important amongst athletes that are placing their bodies under a lot of stress. Collagen supports the arteries, organs, muscle structures, and is a primary component of cartilage, a connective tissue that helps cushions joints. The essential protein is needed by everyone and should be given importance considering their many health benefits.

How Is Collagen Used for Workouts

Collagen supplements have two primary purposes; the development of stronger bones and the alleviation of joint pain. Including these supplements into your diet can help get you through workouts without having to worry about pain or sustaining injuries.  Since collagen helps with the improvement of muscle function, you'll be able to concentrate more on building muscle mass and increasing your overall performance. Try combining collagen supplements with a post-workout formula for an extra boost of energy to help ward off fatigue.

How Is Collagen Used for Recovery

Collagen is a protein that helps with muscle restoration and repair. Muscles lose protein both during and after exercise due to micro-lesions, inflammatory reactions and oxidation. Studies have proven there is a significant decrease in protein synthesis after exercising. It's important to have a lot of protein after you exercise to increase your energy and replace the lost proteins. Collagen contains a high level of amino acids, which contributes to the recovery and repair of muscles. It is a necessary part of post-workout nutrition that should be added to your workout routine. Collagen supplements can also increase your rate of recovery through the formation of collagen in the connective tissues and muscle fibers. A study was done that measured the production rate of the protein for 3 weeks following a muscle rupture. During this time period, scientists discovered the collagen’s synthesis rates were higher in the cells of the ruptured muscle. The maximum rate of type III collagen was witnessed in the first week of the muscle’s healing process and was linked to the flexibility and plasticity development in the connective tissue. The formation of type 1 collagen was seen later in the recovery process.

Organic Collagen Powder for Injury Prevention

Supplementing with collagen powder may also help individuals prevent injuries during exercise. Studies have concluded that collagen supplementation can strengthen and increase the diameter of the fibers in the tendons, joints, and ligaments. There are ongoing clinical trials studying collagen supplements and their effects on joint pain alleviation during exercise-related activities. Studies have shown that participants using collagen powder were able to exercise for a longer period of time, were more flexible, and experienced improved function in their joints. Collagen Supplements for Better Athletic Performance Collagen supplements are ideal for both pre-workout and post-workout nutrition because they are rich in amino acids and support the body's need for protein before, during and after exercise. Collagen contains 18 important amino acids including 8 essential amino acids that the body cannot make on its own. These amino acids must be consumed through dietary means. Overview of Collagen Benefits Collagen protein can help restore and repair muscles while at the same time speeding up the recovery time of injuries. It can reduce joint pain that is exercise-related or caused by intense activity. Collagen supplements can also strengthen ligaments and joints to help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Due to their high content of amino acids, they are the perfect post-workout supplementation for everyone. Even people that don't work out regularly but lead an active and on-the-go lifestyle can benefit from collagen. As we age, the need for collagen escalates so it's an important part of a dietary routine for people that are getting older. The skin, the hair, the joints, the ligaments, the tendons and many other areas of the body can benefit from collagen powder since it is a vital part of remaining healthy and strong. Try our Collagen today: 



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