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Do I really Need a Multi-Vitamin?

When you start out designing your diet to help reach your goals, you probably pay close attention to the nutrients contained within those foods. If you don’t do this, you should probably start. Having variety in your diet is the best way to make sure you get the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain health and give you the energy needed to train hard. However, there comes a time in every competitive bodybuilder’s diet when certain foods must be avoided for caloric reasons or the food just doesn’t agree with you and causes you to bloat or other issues that interfere with your training.


So what do you do in these circumstances?

Well, you supplement with a multi-vitamin. Taking a supplement like this ensures that you always get the proper doses of vitamins and minerals to maintain good health, but which one do you pick? There are many out there, but without a doubt your best bet is ALLMAX Nutrition’s VITASTACK. I’ll get into why this potent combination of ingredients is your best choice later on, but to begin, let’s look at why supplementing with a multi-vitamin will benefit you and your training endeavors.


Why Take a Multi-Vitamin in the First Place?
The most important reason to take a multi-vitamin is for the health benefits. A deficiency in any one of the major vitamins or minerals can lead to serious disease or nagging health concerns. For the men out there, the formulas created for you contain essential ingredients that contribute to limiting concerns over things such as prostate health, as well as providing you with what you need for performance.

For the women out there, your multi-vitamin provides you with the same benefits for your performance as well, but also contain certain prenatal essentials such as folic acid, that will create a better growing environment for your baby, if that’s an issue.


How Does a Multi-Vitamin Affect your Training?

The focus of this article is taking a multivitamin for performance purposes. A multi usually isn’t the star of any supplement protocol and hardly gets mentioned at all. However, in my opinion, it is the first place you should start. As soon as you get up in the morning, take that multi pack. I believe it helps make everything else you consume work better, from your food to your supplements. Also, taking it gives you some peace of mind in that you are covering all your bases with nutrient needs should you be lacking somewhere in your diet. Maintaining your health is essential to your performance. If you feel horrible because of some type of deficiency, then there is no way you can work as hard as you should be and there is definitely no way you can take yourself into the pain zone needed to make significant gains. That’s why the multi is your best friend when it comes to preparing your body for growth and performance.


I Don’t Take a Multi-Vitamin – Is that Bad?

The short answer is maybe. What I mean by that is, if you are paying close attention to the foods you are eating and making sure you are eating a variety of foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals you need, then no. However, if you are on a restricted diet for training purposes or competitive purposes than yes, it is. In my mind, it’s an easy way to make sure you’re getting what you need, without the stress of running around the grocery store buying up the entire place. It’s easy to take and you only have to remember to do it once a day, so why not?


Why You need VITASTACK
With so many multi’s out there to choose from, how do you pick? For me it was easy. Once I took a look at ALLMAX VITASTACK, I knew this was the only multi for me. Why you ask? Well, it contains a unique, 9-pill, 7-formula stack all in one pouch that covers all your nutrients needs plus more. Never have I seen a description of a product that goes into so much detail as to why you should be taking it than VITASTACK.  Let’s take a brief look at each of the 7 formulas to explain even further why I love this multi. Anabolinex: Anabolic stimulation complex that provides the raw, core nutrients responsible for muscle protein synthesis. Electrofuse: Muscle Infusion Electrolytic Compound that provides essential minerals to enhance the delivery of other important nutrients, including rehydrating electrolytes. SkeletalCore: Structural Support Matrix that reinforces your frame for strong and healthy bones, joints and tissues. Energoforce: Neurotropic Stimulation Compound responsible for keeping your mind sharp when performance calls for it by delivering key nutrients to your brain. Cardiopulse: Powerful Omega 3, 6, 9 Formula that covers your cardiovascular health and limits that inflammatory response within the body. Metabocore: Anabolic Nutrient Optimizer gives you a unique blend of enzymes that will help process the food you put in your body for maximal nutrient uptake. Immunocharge: Anabolic Recovery and Antioxidant Defence keeps your immune system functioning optimally by staving off free-radical tissue damage.
The 7 unique formulas combined make for one hell of a stack, and one you have never seen before, especially when it comes in one packet. I’ve seen and used many multi’s over the years, and never before have I been so impressed by a vitamin product quite like VITASTACK. It has everything you need, regardless of your training or what type of athlete you are. When I say this is something every serious trainer should be taking, I mean it! You’ll have more energy, more focus, feel better overall, your joints will have more grease and your sick days will be limited so you can train harder, longer and more often. What more do you want?

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