How Green Supplements Can Help Achieve Weight Loss

How Green Supplements Can Help Achieve Weight Loss

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  • The “Standard American Diet” falls short on fruit and vegetable intake and can lead to obesity.
  • Green Supplements are often used by people who wish to increase their fruit and vegetable intake.
  • Supergreen Supplements can supply essential vitamins and minerals, help with detox, and support healthy weight loss.
  • CytoGreens is a powerful superfood supplement that can help improve energy levels, muscular performance, cardio endurance, and overall recovery.
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The Pitfalls of the “Standard American Diet”
The reality of most people’s daily lives is that they simply don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to finding and preparing highly nutritious foods at a reasonable cost. “Healthy” restaurant or grocery store prepared food is often expensive and laden with hidden calories and high levels of sodium.  At-home preparation of highly nutritious meals is time consuming, and even though tossing some leafy greens and other ingredients into a salad bowl or blender may sound easy, how often have you thought about making that salad or green smoothie and then skipped in favour of delivery or something out of the freezer?  One of the major problems in today’s fast-paced society is that many people are chronically overfed and undernourished. Many people easily hit their macros, especially carbs and fat, but often fall well short of receiving enough micronutrients through the food they eat alone.  Part of this can be blamed on the “Standard American Diet,” which has been shown through research to contribute heavily to the obesity epidemic and falls shockingly short of the recommended daily intake for fruits and vegetables. Obesity and insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables can lead to a whole range of health issues, including, but not limited to, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, constipation, and even depression.  

Supergreen Supplements Can Help

Although many people will try to argue that supplementation isn’t necessary, the reality is that most people just do not follow diets that give them both comprehensive macro and micro nutrition on a daily basis. Research has shown that it can be difficult to find a balance between getting optimal nutrition from food alone when compared to diets that incorporate supplementation. One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure you are getting all the nutrition you need is through high-quality, real-food supplements. Green Superfood Supplements are an increasingly popular tool being used to combat both the effects of obesity and low fruit and vegetable consumption. One surefire way to help with weight loss and combat insufficient fruit and vegetable intake is by incorporating green supplements into your diet. Often referred to as “Greens Powders” or “Greens Supplements,” these supercharged products are an incredible source of nutrition you might be missing from your diet.   

Using Supergreens for Weight Loss

While the benefits of taking Supergreen Supplements are clear, it can still be confusing to know exactly how to incorporate them into a weight loss plan. Let’s take a look at three ways a greens product can be used to enhance weight loss.  
1. Effectively enter into caloric deficit without compromising on nutrition.
The only surefire way to lose weight is to enter into a caloric deficit. This means that you are expending more energy in a day than you are consuming in your diet. In other words, a caloric deficit is when you consume fewer calories than you burn.  Determining your caloric output everyday can be tricky, but there are a number of handy online calculators to figure it out, and many fitness tracking devices nowadays include calorie trackers based on your heart rate and activity levels.  CytoGreens is a relatively low-calorie food that is packed with nutrition. Although it is not a meal in and of itself, when taken in conjunction with other foods, added to smoothies, or taken post workout, it can help you achieve caloric deficit by curbing hunger cravings and punching above its weight nutritionally.
2. Boost energy levels by maximizing your body’s on-board energy stores.
A big part of meaningful weight loss is effectively tapping into the body’s pre-existing energy reserves. These energy stores typically take the form of excess body fat, which can be dangerous at high levels. CytoGreens is an effective supplement for tapping into fat stores and unlocking the body’s energy supply through its naturally stimulating low-calorie formulation. Incorporating highly effective levels of ultra-fine premium Japanese matcha green tea powder, CytoGreens gives you a natural caffeine boost to keep you focused and energized during workouts and throughout your day. 
3. Recover quicker with highly-nutritious and antioxidant-rich dark greens and berry extracts.
By combining powerful energy boosting compounds with highly-nutritious dark greens and antioxidant-rich berry powders, CytoGreens can help you recover quickly from even the most demanding of workouts.  Loaded with high-ORAC antioxidants, CytoGreens goes hard to work neutralizing free radicals and oxidative damage that builds up in your body over time, particularly when you workout or do other strenuous activities. CytoGreens also helps your body move lactic acid out of your muscles, a critically important component of the recovery and energy recycling process. By removing lactic acid and lessening oxidative stress in your body, CytoGreens effectively reduces soreness and helps you feel ready for your next workout sooner. Getting to that next workout sooner means you can work harder, longer, and burn more calories towards your weight loss goals.   

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