on October 23, 2014
This stack is designed to help you pack on clean size and focuses on pre and post workout nutrition optimization
RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is pure, unadulterated fat-shedding potency. The most concentrated, pharma-grade ingredients known to fat loss science have been brought together to give you the kind of rapid, accelerated fat-shredding power you demand. RAPIDCUTS is simply the strongest, most advanced and most comprehensive fat burning product we have ever produced. The science is undeniable and the results are truly impressive. RAPIDCUTS WAS CREATED WITH A SINGLE FOCUS; TO CREATE A FORMULA SPECIFIC TO AND EXCLUSIVELY FOR FAT LOSS RAPIDCUTS is recommended as an effective addition to diet and exercise to achieve mind-blowing results. The science is undeniable and the results are truly impressive. Other weight loss formulas may be OK for average users, but RAPIDCUTS® is an EXTREME FORMULATION for EXTREME RESULTS.
High Performance Carbohydrate Drink
CARBION+ is a performance blend of 6 High-Molecular-Weight, Low-Osmolality, Long-Chain Carbohydrates fortified with Insulogenics for superior absorption and Electrolytes for Hydration. Carbohydrates are the most effective and readily available workout fuel you can take. PROPERLY SUPPLEMENTED, THEY PROVIDE A HIGHLY STABLE AND RELIABLE ENERGY SOURCE FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE shifting to fat or protein for workout energy is dramatically less effective and reduced performance is the result. Supplementing with carbs is one of the best ways to prevent cortisol levels from rising and subsequently, catabolic muscle tissue breakdown from taking place. CARBION+ is 100% Sugar-Free and delivers a reliable, sustained energy source to power you through the toughest training.
C:VOL is a sugar-free post-workout recovery drink designed to deliver increases in muscle strength & volume. C:VOL has been formulated with 5 g of Creatine Chelate Complex including Creatine Magnesium Chelate, 2.5 g Taurine, 1 g L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, 1 g Betaine and 800 mg Beta-Alanine; a rock-star list of the “go-to” ingredients, dosed at effective levels for rapid recovery from intense training. C:VOL fits your workout. IT’S ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, AND 100% SUGAR-FREE Creatine increases muscular explosiveness, Beta-Alanine to improve stamina, Carnitine shields muscles from post-workout trauma and Taurine improves lean body mass, boosts energy levels and increases muscle volume. Build your gains faster than you ever thought possible. Get Gains with C:VOL!

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