Lose Weight and Gain Muscle with Proven Science

Lose Weight and Gain Muscle with Proven Science

  Losing unwanted fat while maintaining—or even building—muscle can be tricky if you don’t have a well-planned strategy that includes workouts, recovery and nutrition. The good news is that the more lean muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn. Did you know that muscle tissue burns nearly three times the amount of calories that fat tissue does1? Weight loss takes consistent effort in and out of the gym, and it’s just as much a mental challenge as it is physical, so you need to fuel your mind with the proper nutrients to help you achieve your goals, especially when you’re on restricted calories or carbohydrates.

Nutrition: Kick-start your workouts, even on reduced calories!

Nutrition: Kick-start your workouts, even on reduced calories!
Nutrition is a crucial factor in building muscle while losing fat at the same time. Since you’re likely cutting back on your calories and/or carbs to shed those unwanted pounds of fat, energy for intense workouts will likely end up being a concern.
Fortunately, ALLMAX has several amazing products to fuel you toward awesome workouts – products that also happen to taste delicious! Gone are the days when pre-workout drinks tasted like liquid chemicals, thanks to the creation of products like ALLMAX IMPACT Igniter which comes in amazing blue raspberry and fruit punch flavors. Impact Igniter takes your workouts to the next level with pure, premium ingredients, backed by a quality guarantee, since ALLMAX has every batch of every product they make independently third-party tested! In other words, dieting down doesn’t need to mean a loss in workout energy. Guess what – you’ll continue to build more muscle as a result of those hard workouts as you lose the fat – the reason you’re putting all your time and effort into it in the first place! Muscle tissue needs to be broken down to repair and build bigger and stronger, just as fat gets burned by burning more calories than you consume on a daily basis. Harder, more intense workouts will help to check both of these boxes and you’ll start to see new results.

Remember: You can train all you want but without the proper nutrition and supplement support, you’re going to end up over-training and possibly getting sick/feeling depressed. Don’t let that happen. If you need to miss a meal at any time, make sure to bring a shake with you that has quality protein with minimal carbs if you’re losing weight.

BCAA’s: Prevent Muscle Loss and Speed Up Recovery

BCAA’s: Prevent Muscle Loss and Speed Up Recovery
ALLMAX’s AMINOCORE is the premium branch chain amino acid product on the market, giving you the optimum 9:6:5 ratio (8,180 mg) of BCAA’s in each serving and seven forms of vitamins as well. What does this mean for you? Simple: Enhanced recovery and an INSTANT 350% increase in muscle growth stimulation! Think of it this way: Drinking Aminocore during your workouts is helping you recover from that very workout even before you’re finished, since it’s feeding your hard-working muscles with scientifically-proven building blocks of muscle in a quick and easy way with rapid absorption. ‘Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Sadly, a lot of people who train really hard don’t realize why they aren’t gaining any muscle.
Continued Recovery: Maximize Muscle Growth While You Sleep
The body and mind aren’t separate, so when you think of sleep, nutrition and training, think about your mind as well as your muscles (and yes, the fat you want to lose as well). Proper sleep has a massive impact on workout energy, your emotional state and the decisions you make. Sleep is like the foundation to a house. No matter what you build on top of it, the structure is only as strong as the foundation will support. Getting the best possible sleep you can each night will result in reaching your fat loss and muscle-building goals being achieved in the shortest amount of time possible (which is the whole point, right?), so start there. It might not sound as fun and glamorous as how you look in the gym, the weights you lift or the supplements you take, but it’s rule number one for recovery.
You Put in the Physical Work and Let ALLMAX Take Care of Your Supplement Needs

Hard workouts, recovery and nutrition: All three need to be addressed to lose the most fat while building lean muscle and being your best. There are no shortcuts, but with the right supplements added to the mix, you’ll be well on your way to seeing the results you’re after (and keeping them long-term). With the help of these and other ALLMAX products, there’s nothing between you and a better body, higher performance and the next level of satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re doing what it takes in and out of the gym to achieve your goals.

On a Budget? ALLMAX Has You Covered!

On a Budget? ALLMAX Has You Covered!
Speaking of quality muscle-building protein shakes, ALLMAX has a great lineup of powders to choose from based on your budget. ALLWHEY Gold is an affordable, high-quality protein that has only 3 carbs and packs a protein punch with 24 grams of protein – and it comes in 8 delicious flavors! Join us on Facebook and be sure to keep an eye out for our free giveaways and new flavor announcements yet to come!
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