ALLMAX Pre and Post Workout Stack by Coach Eric Broser

The Art of Stacking for Fast Tracking Progress!
The idea of “stacking” a bunch of supplements is certainly nothing new. For decades bodybuilders have been utilizing a myriad of products, ingredients and compounds all at once in the hopes of getting bigger, stronger and/or reducing body fat as rapidly as possible. However, this is not something that should be done haphazardly, as the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach will not only be largely ineffective, but also quickly thin your wallet.
For those who are quite serious about making significant and consistent progress, a supplementation “regimen” should be scientifically based, meticulously timed and carefully thought out. In other words, every product (or compound) utilized should have a specific purpose that properly matches exactly what your body requires at the time (note: this is constantly changing). And when stacking multiple products (or compounds), the idea should be to create an additive, or even synergistic effect between them. In this article I will lay out for you my own personal ALLMAX supplement protocol, from the pre to post workout meal, which is perhaps the most vital period of the day for igniting an anabolic (growth-producing) response. The results it can provide, when added to a sound training/nutrition program, are consistent and significant.
The Stacking Protocol:
What: Glutamine (10 Grams) When: 30 minutes before pre-workout meal. 90 minutes before I arrive at the gym.       Why: This “jack of all trades” amino acid provides fuel for improved immune system functioning.  It enhances protein metabolism and nitrogen retention, while also providing some protection against acid build-up in muscles. Glutamine also supports cartilage synthesis in connective tissue and boosts the release of growth hormone.
What: ISOFLEX + CARBION+ (2 Scoops each) When: 60 minutes before I arrive at gym.
    Why: I prefer to have my pre-workout meal relatively close to the time I am to begin training. However, since whole foods are “heavier” and take longer to digest/process, I opt for the combination of these two powdered supplements. They never bloat me, nor make my stomach uncomfortable while hitting the weights. ISOFLEX is 100% whey isolate, which provides me with a rapidly absorbed source of all the essential amino acids – which of course help repair and build muscle tissue, while allowing carbohydrates to fuel your system. CARBION+ contains a scientifically engineered blend of various carbohydrates, supplying the body with both quick and long-lasting energy. The addition of electrolytes will prevent muscle cramping as well as optimize muscle contractions and transmission of nerve impulses.
What: HVOL (1 Scoop) + CREATINE (2.5 Grams) + IMPACT Igniter (1 Scoop) + AMINOCORE (1 Scoop) When: 30 minutes after pre-workout meal. 30 minutes before I arrive at gym.
      Why: This combination of products provides me with every ingredient I need to have the most intense workout experience possible. The mixture of compounds in HVOL provides me skin-splitting pumps, which not only feel incredible, but also help trigger the anabolic process. CREATINE is best known for producing significant gains in strength, allowing me to push more weight for more reps at almost every workout. CREATINE has also been shown to increase levels of IGF-1, while decreasing myostatin, which will significantly augment muscle hypertrophy. IMPACT is the most powerful “pre-workout” I have ever used in terms of greatly boosting my energy, focus, drive, concentration and metabolism. The effects come on quickly and last throughout my entire two-hour workout. IMPACT does not make me feel jittery or shaky, nor does it negatively affect my stomach or bring about a sudden “crash” in energy. AMINOCORE rounds out the stack because BCAA’s, in the proper 9:6:5 ratio, can reduce fatigue during exercise, while also improving the ability of the body to use fats for fuel (rather than amino acids). BCAA’s also help trigger protein synthesis, accelerating muscle growth.
Sugar-free post-workout recovery drink
What: CVOL (1 Scoop) + Leucine (5 Grams) When: 30-45 minutes after completion of my workout.
        Why: CVOL has become an absolutely essential part of my complete supplementation protocol because it helps foster recovery after intense training. You must remember that what we do in the gym only increases the possibility for hypertrophy. If we do not efficiently repair the damage that resistance training causes, new lean tissue will not be produced! The combination of an advanced Creatine chelate complex, Beta-Alanine and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate that is supplied in CVOL has been shown in many research studies to be optimal for maximizing recovery and recuperation. The replacement and augmentation of intracellular creatine and carnosine stores must be addressed immediately post workout. LCLT works to “shield” muscles from excessive damage during resistance training while also protecting/increasing androgen receptors on muscle cells. One of the most powerful “pathways” the human body has for creating muscle growth is known as mTOR. Leucine has been proven to directly “switch on” mTOR, and the most vital time to do so is right after an intense resistance workout.
What: ISOFLEX + CARBION+ (2 Scoops each) + 50 g carbs from food source When: 30-45 minutes after completion of my workout.
    Why: At this point I want to get nutrients into my torn-down muscles as rapidly as possible, which means the full spectrum of amino acids, carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores (as well as to combat cortisol), and depleted electrolytes. The pure, whey protein isolates found in ISOFLEX and the multi-stage absorption carb-complex delivered via CARBION+ is the perfect combination of products for getting this accomplished. Additionally, the exclusive blend of plant extracts included in CARBION+ (Prickly Pear, Bitter Melon, D-Pinitol) assist insulin in rapidly driving nutrients directly into muscle cells where they are needed to begin facilitating the anabolic process.
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