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Cause T-Levels to Soar

New specialized extract of Tronella foeum greacum, commonly known as Fenugreek seed, promises impressive increases in natural Testosterone levels. Let’s be honest, training to increase lean muscle size and reduce fat isn’t easy. You can push yourself as hard as you want, but if you’re missing one key element, you’re wasting your time. That one element is testosterone. It’s the reason that no matter how hard women train, they will never get the kind of muscle mass their male counterparts will. This is a scientific fact. Likewise, with average or below average test levels, many men will never reach their muscle-building potential no matter how much weight they lift. By now, you should know that testosterone is not only the primary male sex hormone but also a powerful anabolic. This hormone aids in the regulation of your metabolism, produces muscle growth, promotes protein synthesis and can help you lose fat. The fact is drugs with synthetic testosterone invite dangerous long-term side effects and serious legal trouble. And frankly, a typical natural testosterone booster offers only small increases in testosterone after heinously long cycles.


What Is TestoSURGE?

Found in TestoFX LOADED, TestoSURGE™ is the trade name for a novel and potent patent-pending extract of a specific fenugreek seed that has been extracted to produce 80% Grecunin – a glycosidal saponin completely unique to TestoSURGE. The seeds that produce its unique activity are selected by the time of harvest and specific bio-markers. In addition, a double fermentation process is employed to ensure the highest levels of grecunin. Before you run out and buy a box of fenugreek, it’s simply not standardized for 80% grecunin and does not possess the same activity. In fact, regular fenugreek extract contains diosgenins that can actually impede testosterone levels.


TestoSURGE – which does just what the name implies – will boost testosterone, without any of the nasty side effects or rebound that comes with traditional testosterone-enhancing strategies. Most importantly, TestoSURGE’s effects aren’t just theory. Research put TestoSURGE to the test and found results that shocked research scientists.


While this is significant in itself, the time-frame was truly mind-blowing: TestoSURGE produced the 376% increase in just 12 hours. That’s right – in less than the time it takes your body to recover from a workout, TestoSURGE produced a nearly 400% increase in total testosterone compared to the placebo.


But that’s not all! Discriminating consumers and formulators know that bio-available levels of testosterone are key to predicting potential benefits. Once again, the effects of TestoSURGE were nothing less than astounding – a 284% increase in bio-available testosterone compared to the placebo in just 12 hours!

How Does TestoSurge Work?

The key to TestoSURGE is its ability to not just rapidly increase testosterone levels, but also to bring down levels of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) and albumin, which bind to testosterone in the blood stream, and lock onto it and deactivate it. Dropping the levels of SHBG and albumin quickly frees up large amounts of testosterone that can now be bioactive.


There are two enzymatic mechanisms that breakdown testosterone into unwanted compounds and reduce test levels:

  • 5-alpha-Reductase
  • Aromatase

      One converts test into DHT and the other into estrogen. Through powerful inhibitory action, TestoSURGE dramatically reduces both 5-alpha-Reductase and Aromatase (see results diagram).


By inhibiting the two enzymes responsible for breaking down Testosterone, Test levels increase, driving up testosterone levels via regulation of Aromatase, 5-alpha-Reductase, SHBG and Albumin. TESTOSURGE is a novel compound that will revolutionize your physique, as well as the testosterone supplement category. Never before has there been a legal, safe way to optimize your hormone levels for maximum muscle and minimal fat. If your testosterone booster doesn’t contain TestoSURGE, you’re short-changing your potential.


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