Three Ways Isoflex Can Boost Your Workout

Three Ways Isoflex Can Boost Your Workout

  • Isoflex isolate protein is a perfectly engineered dietary supplement designed to meet your body’s protein needs
  • Pure, high-quality WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE is rapidly absorbed and easy to digest
  • Adequate protein intake fuels your body all day long and keeps you workout ready
  • Consuming an Isoflex isolate protein shake post-workout is the perfect way to help your body build muscle and recover quickly
Not all isolate protein powders are created equal. For the seasoned athlete or bodybuilder, this might seem like common sense, but if you’re only just beginning your fitness or training journey, there’s a lot to take in when it comes to supplementation and protein powders, in particular. As you browse the shelves of your local nutrition and supplement shop or the online catalogues of countless retailers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless choices and constant claims of protein superiority. It takes time and dedicated effort to wade through the infinite and at times, contradictory information that exists online.
When it comes to the Allmax lineup of protein powder supplements, Isoflex is perfectly engineered to meet your body’s protein needs.
Let’s take a look at three ways Isoflex can boost your workouts and help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

1.Isoflex gives you the purest and highest quality Isolate protein

Isoflex gives you the purest and highest quality Isolate protein 

The first and most important way that Isoflex boosts your workouts is through its unparalleled quality and purity. Isoflex is formulated with 90% pure whey protein isolate, containing less than 1 gram of fat fat and 1 gram or less of sugar  while delivering the highest levels of protein and amino acids. Many whey protein powders on the market today contain whey protein concentrate, a less processed form of whey that contains varying amounts of fat and lactose (milk sugar). These additional ingredients bog down the body’s digestion and absorption of protein, and many people are sensitive or intolerant of lactose. Whether sold as a stand-alone product, or blended with other forms of protein, whey protein concentrate provides a less pure and slower-absorbing source of protein. Whey concentrate and other protein blends  are often much cheaper to produce because the processing required to manufacture them is limited. However, this limited processing also limits the benefits you will see in your training and nutrition regime. The purity of Isoflex is achieved through Allmax’s rigorous and intensive manufacturing and testing. These processes strip out every unnecessary component from the raw whey, leaving behind only the highest-quality whey protein isolate that is lactose free and extremely low in fat. Your body will never have to struggle through the digestion of unnecessary ingredients and low-quality protein when you fuel it with Isoflex. This unparalleled commitment to quality ensures that every gram of Isoflex protein is rapidly absorbed by your body, providing the fastest and most efficient protein for your workouts and daily nutritional needs.

2.Take Isoflex as a dietary supplement anytime of day

Take Isoflex as a dietary supplement anytime of day

Getting adequate protein throughout the day, and especially before a workout, is an excellent way to ensure that you are fueled up and ready to give it your all in the gym. Strength training workouts expend a lot of energy and are designed to maximize muscle growth through the stretching and tearing of muscle fibers. Many people are aware of the body’s ability to quickly turn carbohydrates into blood glucose in order to meet the body’s immediate energy needs, but fewer are aware that protein can also be metabolized into glucose—particularly in the late stages of intense exercise. After glycogen stores have been depleted, and if there are no readily available fat stores for your body to metabolize, proteins can be converted into glucose. This metabolic function is of particular interest to those individuals that are looking to lose weight or develop lean muscle mass. Consuming an extremely fast-absorbing protein powder prior to a workout gives your body the critical amino acids necessary for everyday functions and provides a reliable, long-lasting source of energy. Isoflex is fantastic for use as a pre-workout protein, as a meal-replacement shake, or as a complement to a higher-carb snack or meal. Isoflex gives you a muscle-building and sustaining boost anytime of day.

3.Take Isoflex immediately after a workout, during your anabolic window

As soon as you drop your final set, drinking an Isoflex shake can help you take full advantage of the anabolic window that occurs post-workout. Consuming appropriate amounts of a dietary supplement containing protein and carbs by way of an Isoflex shake and quickly absorbed carbohydrates can help prevent Muscle Protein Breakdown (MPB) and provide the fast-acting protein necessary for Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS). Although there is some scientific debate over the precise limit of the anabolic window, consuming Isoflex within 30 minutes of finishing your workout will ensure you maximize your body’s potential to repair and recover through the synthesis of new muscle protein.
After an intense strength-training workout, your body is in prime condition to repair and build muscles.

Every time you work your muscles, particularly during tailored strength-training workouts, micro-tears form in your muscle tissue that must be repaired. Although micro-tearing your muscles may not sound great, it’s actually the healthy and natural way your body adapts to the increased demands you place upon it. Once you finish your workout, the micro-tearing process stops and your body begins to repair itself. This can only happen if the proper proteins and amino acids are readily available, and there is no better way to achieve this than through immediately fueling with a pure protein shake post-workout. Getting the gains you want to see in the gym is always a fine balance between the right workouts and proper nutrition. Allmax Isoflex is the perfect option to meet your post-workout nutritional needs and boost your muscle growth and recovery. Ultimately, if you are looking for the best protein powder and other supplements to enhance and optimize your workouts and training regime, look no further than Allmax. At you can find Isoflex protein, weight loss and weight gain supplements, essential vitamins, and a wide range of other professional-grade workout supplements.



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