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Why Dieting Shouldn’t Suck

  You’ve heard the horror stories in the past of bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors eating nothing but plain, boiled chicken and streams of greens for weeks on end.


Low fat, no sodium, no taste.  It left little to be desired and it dulled the taste buds, but seemed to be the only way to reach that state of desired shreddedness. I will not deny it. I have fallen victim to the above-mentioned meal plan. I quickly realized, however, that I needed to sacrifice the world of fitness for food that tasted better than paper and learn how to cook with figure friendly spices. Through my learning curve and a bit of research I have been able to compile a list of figure friendly and tastebud-pleasing flavours that make dieting bearable and enhance the nutrient profile. So if you’re stuck in a dieting rut and long for a change, it’s time to open your eyes to a world of spices and fat-burning flavor!



How to Eat It

Alfalfa (leaves, sprouted seeds) Alkalizes, detoxifies the body; acts as a diuretic; lowers cholesterol and balances blood sugar and hormones Must be consumed raw; great on salads for added flavor and crunch
Cayenne Aids in digestion; improves circulation; heats up the body (thermogenic) Great seasoning for chicken, egg whites and fish
Cinnamon Aids in peripheral circulation; warms the body, and enhances digestion, especially the metabolism of fats; very useful in weight loss Add to morning oatmeal, eggs, coffee. (I put cinnamon on EVERYTHING)
Dandelion Cleanses the blood and liver; increases bile production; relieves water retention; diuretic Can be boiled and eaten like spinach; young leaves can be consumed raw in salads
Fennel (seed) Appetite suppressant Add to salads or season your meat for that magical full-and-satisfied feeling
Fenugreek Laxative; lowers cholesterol and blood sugar Oil-form fenugreek has a maple-like flavor; can be added to just about anything
Garlic Detoxifies the body and lowers cholesterol and blood lipid levels; increases circulation and stabilizes blood sugar Steam your veggies with minced fresh garlic
Parsley Relieves gas, stimulates normal activity of digestive system; good for combating fluid retention; indigestion; high blood pressure and obesity. This seasoning contains more vitamin C than oranges by weight Season your fresh veggies and salads with dried or fresh parsely
Rosemary Fights free radicals; stimulates circulation and digestion; detoxifies liver and makes a good food preserve Marinate your chicken and fish in lemon juice, rosemary and black pepper
Tumeric Fights free radicals; aids in circulation and lowers cholesterol; improves blood vessel health Combine with curry powder, cayenne and extra virgin olive oil for the ultimate curried chicken fat-burning rub, then bake, BBQ or George Foreman it ~ YUM


In addition to these spices, be sure to include all your Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which can be consumed through a number of different tasty sources like Omega-3 fish oil supplements, walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts and (are you ready for this?) natural peanut butter. EFAs supply your body with extra energy on low-carb days and creates a feeling of fullness. This list should be sufficient enough to keep your cooking flavorful. Don’t be afraid to experiment either. To help speed up the cutting cycle, you can supplement with ALLMAX Nutrition’s reformulated RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED with its three stage Target Release Ignite fat-burning patent protected formula and a cortisol balancing complex you can be sure to achieve a leaner physique in no time. So next time you’re dieting and some smartass asks, “How is the diet going?” you can answer honestly and say, “What diet?”


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