The Super Spring Shape-Up Stack

Springtime is here, as are rising temperatures, pool parties, barbecues, boat trips, and beach outings – which of course means just one thing…less clothing and more skin! That’s right my friends – no more hiding that winter fluff under sweatshirts and long pants! It’s time to get to work on defining and ripping up all that muscle you worked so hard for, which is why we at ALLMAX have created the optimal supplement stack to put your fat loss on the fast track. Read on to learn a bit more about each product and how to implement them into your fitness program.


AMINOCORE Sweet Tea Flavor – If you are a fan of iced tea on a hot day then you will love this latest edition to the AMINOCORE family. With our University proven 9:6:5 BCAA ratio, AMINOCORE is formulated to support muscle growth, encourage fat loss, increase recovery and stave off fatigue. It contains over 8 grams per serving of pure BCAA’s with no other useless amino acids added. AMINOCORE mixes easily and completely via the INSTACLEAR process and tastes absolutely delicious. We recommend a serving before cardio, weight-training workouts and at any time of day, you want a refreshing boost of muscle fueling power.


ISOFLEX Chocolate PB Flavor – This is our premiere whey isolate, formulated with a unique extraction process known as Hybrid-Ratio-Ion-Filtration (HRI), yielding a whopping 90% protein content. With 27 grams of rapidly digesting protein per scoop, it is loaded with amino acids, and an especially high BCAA content, that will quickly hit the bloodstream and head right towards your awaiting muscle cells. We recommend 1-2 scoops of ISOFLEX immediately upon waking and within 15-30 minutes of completing an intense workout.


IMPACT PUMP Pineapple Mango Flavor – Research has proven that driving as much blood into the muscle as possible (aka, getting pumped) is a powerful signal for hypertrophy (growth). Not only will a profound pump help feed the working muscles with anabolic nutrients, oxygen, and hormones, but will act to swell the individual cells, which directly activates the growth process. IMPACT PUMP was scientifically engineered to maximize vasodilation and blood flow through a synergistic blend of ingredients, provided in research-validated quantities. Nothing will get you as pumped as IMPACT PUMP. We recommend 1 full scoop taken on an empty stomach about 30-45 minutes before starting your workout.


ACUTS Grape Escape Flavor – ACUTS is a delicious, super low calorie, sugar-free drink mix that was formulated to help gently increase metabolism, enhance energy and focus, and support any weight loss type regimen. It contains such fat fighting ingredients as natural caffeine, CLA, green coffee extract and taurine. It is extremely versatile in that it can be used any time of day that you need a “pick-me-up” or an added boost of energy to power through cardio, weights or even work or school. We recommend 1-2 scoops any time you feel you are lagging and need to get your body going and mind refocused.


RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED – When it comes to literally incinerate body fat as rapidly and efficiently as possible, RAPIDCUTS beats all comers. The R & D team at ALLMAX Nutrition were determined from day one to create the most powerful fat-destroying tool every introduced into the fitness industry, and they succeeded when they finally un-leashed this one-of-a-kind product. With its ultra potent 3-stage T.R.I. fat burning/energy boosting process, you will feel RAPIDCUTS go to work almost immediately, providing focus, drive, and stamina for hours at a time, while literally melting all of the stubborn fat that lies in its path. And unlike most products in this category, RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is entirely transparent – listing every patented ingredient, in their exact amounts, right on the label. In other words, we made sure that not only is every compound in RAPIDCUTS profoundly powerful but also dosed in accordance with research has deemed effective for its purpose. We recommend one capsule in the morning upon awakening and one capsule in the early afternoon. Do not exceed 2 caps per day.   So there you have it! The ALLMAX Super Spring Shape Up Stack, that will help you get into the best condition of your life, just in time for the summer!


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