Natural BodyBuilding 101: Everything the Layperson Needs to Know

Natural BodyBuilding 101: Everything the Layperson Needs to Know

Natural bodybuilding is a point of contention in the bodybuilding community, as the amounts of food to be eaten, training and grooming standards are certainly above and beyond what the lay person would consider natural. We can take many lessons from natural bodybuilders , who make use of certain foods to slim down, bulk up and stay their healthiest. For example, in one 4-week study of 10 healthy people, taking just 10 grams of greens powder lowered their damaged protein level by 30%. Let’s dive into Natural Bodybuilding 101, and the lessons we can all learn from their hard work.

What is natural bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding professionals have long been known to take advantage of different natural and performance-enhancing drugs to achieve the bulky yet streamlined and “perfect” physical physique. Natural bodybuilders prefer to go the extra mile to ensure that they compete with other professionals who only use natural substances in their routines. In order to meet the standards to become a natural bodybuilder, you must totally abstain from substances like anabolic steroids, diuretics, steroids or human growth hormone. Ultimately, it’s all about maximizing muscles while minimizing body fat. Let’s explore some of the methods the professionals and the average fitness enthusiast are using to achieve these natural results. Some competitors choose to focus on achieving their goals through natural foods and diet, while others seek out help from the professionals, for high-quality supplements to help them along. Let’s explore a few of the elements you find in high-quality natural bodybuilding supplements and powders, and why they might be right for you. 

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What do proteins do?

Natural bodybuilders rely on protein-rich food and supplements to enhance their strength and resilience. Generally, they want three macronutrients in their chosen diet – high-proteins, high-carbs, and low-fats. A few examples of proteins include eggs, almonds, Greek yogurt, or cottage cheese, while others choose to make use of protein supplements. Protein is vital for natural bodybuilders because of its ability to build muscle mass while maintaining a low-calorie diet. Recent studies show that “people cutting their total calories can reduce muscle mass lost by eating more than 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.”

What are super greens?

Spinach, lettuce, and kale – all super greens we see daily in grocery and health food stores and restaurants. But where do you go to get your super green-goodness when you don’t have time for a salad or sit-down meal? Greens powders are a popular way of ensuring you are getting all your servings of veggies, with a great taste, and on the go. Green supplements are mixed in liquids, often taste grassy, and sometimes are green in color. Ingredients of these products often include anything from spinach and kale to mushrooms, rice, green tea extract or barley grass.

What are the benefits of taking collagen?

Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity, healthy joints, muscles, blood, and bones – in short, all the things both natural bodybuilders, average human beings and athletes need to stay healthy and active. The older you are, the less collagen is naturally produced, making it important to supplement your collagen production with external sources. Natural foods like egg whites, citrus, beef, and nuts can boost collagen in the body, but collagen rich health supplements are also proven to help hydrate skin, release pain and even lower blood pressure. Collagen supplements are proven to provide several benefits, including: 1. Stronger bones 2. More skin hydration and elasticity 3. Thicker and fuller hair 4. Healthier and stronger nails 5. Reduced pain due to Osteoarthritis 6. Increased muscle mass Luckily, negative collagen side-effects are rare, but doctors prefer that pregnant or breastfeeding women regulate their collagen intake. Natural bodybuilding is often a hotly contested movement, due to a certain sense of moral superiority, driving a wedge between the more “natural” enthusiasts and those who prefer performance enhancing substances. In short – for bodybuilders and for us – it’s a choice we must make on our own. It stands to reason that, whatever the disagreement, no one disagrees that natural supplements are great for your general health and fill many nutritional gaps you might have in your diet. For more information on the best all-natural supplements for both bodybuilders and health enthusiasts alike, turn to AllMax today.

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