8 Best Home Workouts for Women

8 Best Home Workouts for Women

on March 07, 2020
  With the current challenges going on most of us are unable to train like we normally would in a gym.
Is this our first choice? Most likely no, but the gains must continue and just because the gyms shut down doesn’t mean that we must stop working out. Most of us have limited access to workout equipment so I have come up with what I think are the 8 Best Home Workouts for Women to do at home. All of these exercises require little to no exercise equipment.
1. Walking Lunges
My number one favorite at home workout would have to be walking lunges. These are challenging just with body weight and works your full lower body and burns a ton of calories. Most women are concerned with tightening up and toning their lower body and this is one of my favorite exercises to train and target the lower body. If body weight is too easy you can carry dumbbells (DBs) if you have access to them, you can carry gallons of water or fill up a backpack with canned goods. You can even add pulses to each lunge to add an extra challenge.
2. Glute Bridges
One of my next favorite lower body exercises that can be done at home with little to no equipment to sculpt the perfect glutes are glute bridges. These are done on the floor and for an added challenge and extra glute burn you can add a resistance band above the knees. If that isn’t challenging enough you can use DBs, gallons of water or whatever else you may have access to for some additional weight that can be loaded at the hips. I also like to add a 2 second hold at the top to really fatigue the glutes.
3. Side Lateral Raises
I typically I like to do side lateral raises with DBs to help sculpt a nice round shoulder muscle. A great weight alternative if you don’t have DBs would be to use gallons of water or even a resistance band. This exercise is a great way to build some lean muscle and add some size to the upper body that will help make your waist look smaller and give you an hourglass shape.
4. Bicep Curls to Shoulder Press
I know a lot of women are very concerned with tightening up their arms to make them look smaller or more defined. A great way to do this is by working more upper body muscle and combining 2 of my favorite upper body exercises into one movement. For this reason the bicep curl to shoulder press is one of my favorite upper body combo exercises because you are working both the biceps and the shoulders. This will help you save more time and burn more calories by doing both movements together. If you don’t have DB’s you can use gallons of water or even a resistance band to do this movement.
5. Renegade Rows
Training back at home can be challenging with access to little equipment. But the renegade row is one of my favorite back and core combo exercises because you are training the lats and must engage the core while alternating arms. This exercise is a true strength and stabilization challenger for both new and experienced lifters.
6. Close Grip Pushups
One of the most challenging upper body workouts you can do at home that doesn’t require any equipment but your body weight. My favorite variation is a close grip pushup because you train both the chest muscles and triceps at the same time. For most women body weight pushups can be challenging so you can make this movement easier by putting your hands up at an incline or by dropping to the knees to take off some body weight. For more advanced lifters, you can make this more challenging by putting your feet up on a couch or step, so your body is at a decline. If you have access to some weight you can also make this more challenging by adding weight on your back.
7. Burpees
Burpees are one of my favorite heart racing, fat blasting full body exercises. They are a great exercise to add in between sets to get your heart racing and make at home exercises even more challenging. I recommend doing a burpee with a pushup at the bottom and a jump as you come up to make this more challenging.
8. Lying Leg Lifts
I know most of us women are concerned with having smaller and tighter cores. We have already addressed the core in the renegade rows up above with you having to hold a plank while rowing with one arm. So I wanted to tackle the lower core which is a problematic area for most women. As we all know a 6 pack is made in the kitchen and in order to see a defined core you will want to lose more body fat. You can see benefits in your midsection by adding inlying leg lifts to your core routine to help strengthen your lower abdominals which will help you have the appearance of a tighter lower tummy.
These are my personal favorite Home Workouts for Women and what I would vote as the best 8 Best Home Workouts for Women.

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