How to Maximize Muscle Gains with Cable Machine Drop set

How to Maximize Muscle Gains with Cable Machine Drop set

on January 19, 2021
There’s nothing more frustrating than setting training goals without a cable machine drop set and despite your best efforts not being able to reach them, no matter how hard you try. Studies have found that untrained muscle responds faster to workouts than trained muscle, meaning that when you start on your fitness journey, you gain strength and muscle mass much quicker than an experienced lifter. After a time, these gains will start to decline. But don’t panic. You don’t have to give in to a plateau. You just need to mix up your training program by introducing fatigue-inducing workouts like cable machine drop set, to jumpstart your muscle growth. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about cable machine drop set. From what they are, to how to incorporate them, and even how you can complement your new routine to maximize your gains, we’ve got all the information you need to get back on track.
The Science of Weightlifting: How Do You Maximize Muscle Gain?
Many assume that if they head to the gym regularly and lift the heaviest weight they can get their hands-on, they’ll naturally get the jacked. But science says it’s more complex. Muscles grow when they’re continuously challenged. The muscular challenge is created in two ways, the first is by increasing the load (aka lifting heavier) and the second is by introducing more resistance. This is known as muscle hypertrophy. Muscle hypertrophy occurs when the fibers of the muscles are damaged and have to repair themselves. During this healing process, the body fuses damaged fibers together, which then increases the mass and size of the muscle itself. Hormones such as testosterone and dietary factors, like the amount of protein in your diet, can also affect how quickly your muscles grow and repair. When we reach a plateau or a point in our training where our body is no longer dealing with an increased load, muscular hypertrophy is reduced. Hence why you see less physical changes in your body with time. To restart our gains, we need to shock our muscles into working harder and the rest of this article is dedicated to giving you the tools to do exactly that!
What are Drop set?
Strength and resistance based training plans help the body release growth hormones and stimulate testosterone release, all while improving the muscles’ receptivity to testosterone. Drop set, support this process by forcing your muscles to work overtime, progressively overloading them until the body is forced to recover. During a drop set, you complete a set exercise multiple times until you reach the point of failure. You begin with the heaviest weight you can lift to failure, then drop it down, with no rest in between, until no further reps can be completed. It’s a tried and tested approach to bodybuilding that’s been around since the 1940s when Henry Atkins first introduced the concept. Dropsets work because they recruit multiple muscle fibers. Each time you reduce the weight, new fibers are required to support the load and this achieves rates of growth that completing sets with a single weight cannot.
Benefits of Drop set include:
  • Increasing training volume and metabolic stress, which create muscle growth.
  • Increases blood flow and cardiovascular activity
  • Fatigues the muscles to ensure hypertrophy.
For more information on drop set, we highly recommend checking out this article.
How to Structure A Workout Incorporating Drop set
If you’re working through a plateau, start by adding two dropset  workouts into your weekly routine and build up from there. Dropsets are a high-intensity exercise so target one or two muscle groups per workout and only perform one or two exercises. Doing more could result in overtraining and injury. The structure of your workout is simple:
  • Choose a weight that you can only lift for ten reps before your technical form slips
  • Complete the set
  • Reduce the weight by 20% and repeat until technical failure again.
  • Repeat until you can no longer lift or for a maximum of four sets.
Try not to rest between sets and the recovery time will reduce the muscle fatigue you experience, which in turn limits your gains.
The Advantages of Cable Machine Drop set
Cable machines are ideal for drop set because you can quickly reduce the weight by pulling out the pin and taking it down a notch. It’s much faster than wasting time stripping plates from bars or racking dumbbells, and since speed is of the essence, this is a major advantage. Plus, cable machines are the most versatile piece of equipment in the gym, so you can complete a full-body workout without needing to hang around for free machines or weights. Here are the main advantages of cable machine drop set:
  • Quick to adjust weight, reduces the time between sets
  • Works multiple muscle groups including glutes, chest, abs, chest, shoulders, and abs
  • No stripping plates or racking dumbbells
  • Controlled resistance – ideal for beginners to avoid injury
  • Perfect for home gyms
  • Exercises can be completed safely without a spotter
As you can see, cable machine drop sets boast an impressive list of advantages over traditional dumbbell or barbell-based drop sets workouts. Not only do they make it easier to maximize your muscle gains, but they also reduce the risk of injury and can be completed without a spotter for those who prefer training alone.
Try Adding These Exercises to Your Workout Routine
If you’re new to dropsets, try introducing these cable machine dropsets exercises into your workout plan. Remember to follow the standard drop set structure outlined above to avoid injury.
Cable Bicep Curl
Lower the pulley to the bottom of the tower and select a bar attachment for the handle. Then stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, place your elbows by your side and lift the bar to shoulder height. Try not to move your elbows at all. Bicep curls are best completed slowly as this stresses the muscle more by prolonging the period it’s under tension.
Cable Lateral Raise
Lateral raises work the muscles in your shoulders and create the defined, broad-shouldered look desired by most bodybuilders. To complete the move, keep the machine at the lowest level and turn away from it. Hold the machine with one hand and the handle in the other. Tense your abs, bend your elbow and raise your left arm laterally until your elbow gets to shoulder height. Take your time to lower your arm and repeat.
Cable Pull Through
Cable pull-throughs are a great alternative to deadlifts as they strengthen the glutes, legs, and core. This is what’s known as a compound exercise. They are especially great for newbies building up to deadlifting or those with back injuries that need to tread carefully. Start with the cable on the lowest setting and attach the rope handle on the pulley. Take a step forward and face away from the machine. Then, reach between your legs and grab the handle, hinging at the hips when you do. Keeping your back straight, squeeze your glutes and drive forward from the hips until you reach a standing position.
Cable Chest Fly
Looking to make chest gains? Add cable chest fly dropsets to your routine. Start by setting two cables at shoulder height. Grab a handle in each hand and take a step forwards. Your arms should remain stretched out to the sides. Then bend your elbows slightly and use your chest muscles to pull the cables together, so that your hands meet straight in front of you. Take a small pause and then slowly return to the starting position.
Can’t Get to the Gym? Switch to Home Workouts
We know it’s a bit tricky to get in the gym right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss the benefits of adding dropsets to your routine. There are plenty of affordable cable machines on the market that is compactly designed for use in homes and as they’re so versatile, you’ll be able to target all major muscle groups. If you’re not ready to splurge on a home gym, fear not! You can use our full-body workout plan to get your muscles pumping with minimal equipment. Just introduce your drop set structure instead of the reps outlined.
Maximize Your Gains with Cable Machine Drop set
Cable machine dropsets are a great way to work through plateaus and maximize your muscle gains without overtraining. Remember though, that gaining muscle requires more than just hitting the gym. Your diet and nutrition also have a role to play. If you want to build muscle, check out our range of muscle builders which are specially formulated to stimulate muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown.

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