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Dynamic Tension Chest Exercises: 5 Training Secrets to build Muscle Mass fast!

Professional Trainer and former NFL player Ryan Watson
1. Exercise: Press on Stability Ball
Traditional Dumbbell Exercises with a 180 degree rotation on a Stability Ball. Tip: Help engage your core more and broaden your range of motion. 
Superset – Push Ups on Stability Ball
Tip: Superset 10 reps, 2 to 3 isometric holds at the top, maximize extension. 
2. Exercise: Body Weight Push Ups
Great way to shock your chest. Tip: Stack weights on your upper back to increase chest stress 
Superset – band push ups
Band goes through your upper part of your back to give you maximum resistance. Tip: Superset 10 reps, 3X, form a narrow base with your hands. 
Part 2
3. Exercise: Kettle Bell Presses
Kettle bell flies – gets the pecks more stimulated. Tip: Changing up your routine helps work muscle groups differently by changing the resistance. 
4. Exercise: Cable Crossover 21s
Cable crossover stack – 7 from the bottom, 7 from the midrange, 7 from high to low. Tip: Keep the reps continuous, hitting your failure point every time and achieve maximum fatigue. Stand 2 feet in-front of pulleys to maximize the stretch. 
5. Exercise: Forward Lean Dips
Great mass chest builder. Tip: Warmup before dipping. Strap on body weights to increase resistance. 
Total workout should take 1 hour

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