Getting Shredded with Fitness Sensation Pham Flexx

Getting Shredded with Fitness Sensation Pham Flexx

How ALLMAX Athlete Pham Trains, Eats and Supplements for Success.
Vietnamese physique sensation Pham Flexx began his fitness transformation with a view to becoming as jacked as the ‘fitness icons’ that inspired his early efforts. Already lean and muscular as a teen, he needed a push to really break through to the big leagues. He decided that to make a name for himself among thousands of other online fitness hopefuls he would need to clean up his partying ways and commit fully to a fitness lifestyle. Now in his 30s, he’s a shredded fitness icon in his own right. A successful online fitness coach and fitness ambassador for leading supplement company ALLMAX Nutrition, Pham can lay claim to having one of the most impressively-shaped physiques on the planet. Packed with muscle and holding his own in the aesthetics department, the perennial shredder has worked hard to achieve his current physique. You’ll see him at most big events, but not onstage, as, surprisingly, he’s yet to compete. However, the devoted hardcore lifter would not look out of place on a pro physique stage and has all the attributes needed to challenge the best. Though he trains and diets year-round as if preparing for the stage, in reality he’s usually preparing for a photo shoot or to best represent his sponsors at various events around the country.                  

He’s spent many years finding what works best for him and learning more than most along the way. You may wish to ask him a question or two at this year’s Olympia. You’ll find him at the ALLMAX booth 707 representing the brand that has helped him to achieve his biggest, most shredded physique to date. To learn more about this physique standout and how to train, eat and supplement for a lean physique of your own, you may also read the following in-depth interview. In it you’ll be given exclusive insights into how Pham trains and eats to build one of the most shredded physiques on the planet while getting the full ‘scoop’ on what he takes pre, intra and post-workout to supercharge his training efforts, recover and grow. To build a physique like Pham’s can take many years of dedicated effort. By learning from the man himself and applying what has worked best for him (specifically in terms of supplementation and nutrition), you may fast-track your results and, in due course, may even find yourself up there with Pham, among the fitness industry’s best.

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Q: You are known for your phenomenal conditioning. What are your ‘secrets’ to getting shredded?  
A: This might sound cliché, but nutrition is everything. Nutrition, intense training and proper supplementation are the formula for success. I try to stay pretty lean year round, eating healthy wholesome meals 75% of the time. When preparing for a shoot or an event I cut out all junk; the less junk I consume, the less work I have to do to burn it off. I typically eat a high protein/high carb diet while cutting. I stick to leaner protein sources such as eggs, 93% lean ground turkey, chicken breast and white fish. White rice is my go to for my carbohydrates. If I’m feeling a little flat or low on energy I will add in some fats by replacing some of my lean meats and including more salmon, a couple more yolks and some avocado. Having and maintaining discipline to stay on track with your diet is no easy task. When it comes down to it, you have to be able to say no to those burgers and cookies. Being consistent and sacrificing will get you to your goals.  
Q: How big of a role does supplementation play when dialling in your physique? How does it give you an edge?  
A: Supplementation plays huge role in helping me get my body where I want it to be. There is no way we can possibly get all the vitamins and nutrients we need through diet alone. That’s why supplements are necessary to fill in those gaps. Whether it’s VITASTACK and Omegas to get you started in the morning, Creatine and QUICKMASS gainer to help put on muscle or RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED Fat Burner and ISOFLEX Whey Protein to get you nice and lean, ALLMAX have got you covered.
Q: What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to lose body fat but who is not as blessed as you are in the metabolism department?
A: Don’t give up!! Try out new diets, new training routines, and new gyms. Try anything! Some diets might work for some people, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Change it up and be open-minded and find what works best for you. Going to the same gym could get boring and repetitive. Switch up your scenery/gym. Different gyms have different types of equipment to keep your workouts interesting and add new motivation. Also, losing body fat doesn’t necessarily mean “gym”. Find what you enjoy doing. This could be hiking, swimming, running, boxing, skating, kayaking – the options are endless. The important thing is to get out there, get active and stay consistent.  
Q: Describe the progress you have made since you began training for the physique you have today.

A: There’s definitely been a lot of trial and error leading up to what I’ve found really works best for me. Most of my bodybuilding career was fuelled by the goal of being bigger and more shredded every year. I believe I reached my biggest and leanest last year at 165lbs. Lots of food and heavy lifting got me there. Now fast forward to the present: my goals have changed to obtaining a functional, athletic and aesthetic physique with light to moderate weight training, boxing, running, and sprints. It’s all performance based training, which I feel is more obtainable and sustainable in today’s modern world.


Q: How would you describe your current approach to training for size and strength? How has your approach evolved since you began?
A: Eat big and go heavy! When I was training for size and strength I upped my caloric intake and trained with moderate to heavy weights, sticking around the max amount of weight I could lift for around 8 reps. I don’t feel the muscle working when I go under 8 reps. That’s worked for me. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that before it was always about getting bigger and more shredded. My training has evolved a lot from primarily training bodybuilder-style to a more performance and functional training lifestyle. Last year I picked up boxing and this has been a huge influence on my overall training regimen. Not only has my weight training evolved, but also my cardio, which was pretty much non-existent as a bodybuilder. I am boxing 3 times a week as well as running 1-2 times a week to getting my conditioning up. I’ve also added more preventative measures such as foam rolling, dynamic stretching and chiropractic treatments to keep my body performing its best.  
Q: What do you consider to be your greatest physical strengths?
A: I am an exceptionally strong presser for my weight, so I’ve always performed well on benching and shoulder pressing exercises. I believe strong triceps and form plays a huge role in this.
Q: What muscle group do you most enjoy training and why?
A: Having a well-rounded, aesthetic physique has always been huge for me. Training legs is my absolute favorite. Cause let’s face it, legs are the new abs. Legs are also one of the most challenging body parts to train and one of the most over looked and under trained areas. Your legs are your structure and foundation. So work those legs!  
Q: What do you love most about training? What benefits does training and the fitness lifestyle in general give you beyond your current physical accomplishments?
I love that training and living a healthy lifestyle gives me structure and routine. Being healthy and in shape has an enormous impact on everything else going on in your life. When you feel and look good, you perform well and live well. Living the fitness lifestyle led me to my career in the fitness industry and was how I landed my sponsorships with ALLMAX and Live Fit Apparel, along with other endorsements. Being in the industry is so much more than weights and protein for me. It has taught me so many of the skills I now use in business, like branding, marketing, design and content creation. Working in the industry has really helped bring out my creativity and developed skills, which has led me to other business ventures.  
Q: What do you do to get psyched up for a workout, to optimize your training?

A: Making short term and long term goals has helps me a lot here. Going in amped, ready to work and knowing I am going to keep working until I have crushed those goals!


Q: How do you achieve those final growth-inducing reps of an especially gruelling set? How have you been able to push past the pain barrier to have built the physique you have today?
A: You really have to have the right mindset to push yourself to the limit: the “Never Quit” mindset. I go into a session and give everything I got – Every. Single. Day. If I fall short, that’s okay by me because I know I’ve done whatever is possible to work towards my goal. It might not be today, but it will be one day.  
Q: Do you have a particularly memorable workout? How did this workout go down?
A: One particular workout that stood out to me was definitely a shoulder session with my boy Jason Poston (a Mr. O Champ) at Venice Golds, The Mecca. We were doing a DB press drop set for 110lbs, 100lbs and 90lbs. You guys all know these two guys they are monsters!! I am the smallest and let’s just say I didn’t come in last and I didn’t come in second (laughs).  
Q: What major benefits have the supplements in your current stack provided you in terms of muscle-building, performance-enhancement and in achieving a lean physique?
A: It is impossible to get all the vitamin and nutrients you need from food alone. For someone like me who is has an intense training regime, I need to fill those gaps with the proper supplements that give me that extra push before a session and post training for building and recovery.
Q: Does your diet change much during the year? If so, what nutritional changes do you make, and why?
A: I’m pretty flexible with my diet but I keep it pretty clean year round. For my protein sources, I have my staples: whole eggs, ground turkey, chicken (white and dark meat), salmon and steak. My carbohydrate sources mainly come from jasmine white rice (cause I’m Vietnamese so I have to have my rice). Occasionally, if I need a quick meal, I will blend oats with my ISOFLEX. I will also occasionally do white and red potatoes and fruit. I am a serial snacker. I love gummy bears, peanut butter cups, snackers, fruit snacks, pizza, burgers and fries. When you keep your diet healthy for the majority of the time and train like crazy, it’s easy to throw in an occasional pizza, burger and fries. Everything in moderation. But every situation can change, depending on my training. If I know I have a busy training day, I will usually eat an extra meal or up my calories/fat a bit. If I have an upcoming event or photo shoot, I will cut all snacking and junk food a few weeks prior. I will also stick to leaner meats eggs, ground turkey and chicken with occasional salmon and steak meals, depending on whether I feel my body is flat or tired.  
Q 19: What are your long-term training goals?  
I want to improve my boxing and eventually do a couple of fights. I will also continue to train for functionality while keeping my aesthetics and getting my conditioning way up.  
Q 20: Who would you like to thank for helping you to achieve your fitness goals?
I want to thank all my sponsors ALLMAX Nutrition and Live Fit Apparel for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to represent two amazing companies and, in doing so, helping me to achieve my goals inside and out of fitness. I will be forever grateful.
Want to know more about Pham Flexx’s Diet, the Supplements he takes and how he works out? Download the FREE pdf below!
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