Born in Saskatoon in March 1969, a somewhat scrawny but otherwise healthy Vincent Wawryk came into the world, the younger of two sons born to Orest and Pauline.

Throughout his childhood, Vince was very active in sports, mainly hockey and football. After making the football team, Vince picked up his first dumbbell in a high school gym to add a little size and strength. Here, he found that he liked what he saw, and began to focus on his physique. Vince began reading everything he could get his hands on about the sport of bodybuilding. Through the manipulation of his diet and varying training strategies, he began to put on muscle in all the right places.

He entered his first bodybuilding contest in 1991. Over the past 20 years Vince has dedicated his life to the sport.


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Question & Answer with Vince Wawryk

I am a volume trainer, doing anywhere from 22 to 30 sets per body part. I am lifting as heavy and controlled as possible 4 days per week – legs; chest + triceps; back; shoulders + biceps. It is not uncommon to leg press 1000 lb or squat 500, bench press 365 for 20 reps.

I would have to say a good burger and fries.

Fillet of steak – whether I cook it myself or go out – it tops the list.

Flat bench press

iPod, weight belt, wrist straps, towel, training log, water, knee wraps, Aminocore, training shoes.

Watch my kids’ sports, ride my Harley, everything I do is based on the fitness industry.

I got involved with the gym to get stronger for hockey and high school football. I noticed my body taking on a different look, so I tried competing. I won, and the rest is history.

I listen to pretty much everything – Metallica, Iron Maiden, KidRock, ACDC, Ozzy and even some country tunes.

People not putting their weights away in the proper place.