Born and raised in Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. I have always been very athletic and since the age of 7 I have been doing Karate. The discipline and training involved with Karate really helped prepare me when I joined the Dominican Army (Ejército República Dominicana) at age 17. During my time in the army I participated in many sports competitions.

By age 20 I was working in Hotel Management for Food & Beverage, but it lacked the athleticism and energy that I craved. I decided to quit and pursue my dream job of being a Personal Trainer. As a Personal Trainer I’m able to continue learning and sharing knowledge about fitness and health.

In 2013 I quit Karate due to an injury. But with the encouragement of a friend I decided to start my journey into becoming a Bikini Fitness Competitor and I have been competing ever since.

On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

I feel so accomplished and one step closer to my goals. I’m so honored to be an ALLMAX athlete, I’ve really identified with the brand since I started getting into the fitness world. My improvements are thanks to hard training, smart dieting and proper supplementation with ALLMAX supplements. Team ALLMAX represents quality, science and results to me.

Question & Answer with Virfa Fernandez

All types of training are my favorite. I just love to push myself to complete, exceed, and achieve.

I don’t have a cheat food. I balance my diet so I can eat the things I like.

I don’t have a favourite per say because of the way I balance my diet. I eat what I like and just make sure it has an appropriate amount of macronutrients according to my goals.

My Carbion, ISOFLEX, a towel and of course my gallon of water!

I love to go outdoors and do extreme sports so I can enjoy nature.

At the age of 20 I started filling in for the boot-camp class instructor at my karate school. My Karate Master saw how much I enjoyed it, so he suggested I continue doing it full time. Since then fitness has become my life.

I don’t really listen to music while I work out.

Not completing the number of reps I set out to do.