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Impact Igniter Pre Workout Supplement

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● Provides extreme motivation to train with INTENSITY
● Increases in strength, reps and recovery
● Muscle swelling pump activation you can FEEL
● Amplified metabolism to incinerate fat while you train



6 g


3.2 g


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Impact Igniter is a fully dosed and highly effective bodybuilding pre workout that’ll give you exactly what you want – results! Even better, these are results that improve the more you use it! Loaded with research directed dosages that work synergistically to produce superior results. Impact Igniter is the best pre workout supplement for bodybuilding and is a suitable pre workout for women and men.

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Mix 1 rounded scoop (16.4 g) with 12 to 16 oz. of ice-cold water 20 to 30 minutes before your workout. To assess tolerance, begin with 1/2 scoop (8.2 g) with 6 to 8 oz. of water.

TIP: Impact Igniter pre workout drink tastes great, but it tastes even better with ice! Add a few cubes of ice then add water up to the 12 to 16 oz mark on your shaker. Taste is very personal, but most people say that 15 oz is perfect. Drink your Impact on your way to the gym. Make sure you finish it before you start. You want the effects to kick in before you start to train!

Fruit Punch



Blue Raspberry



Tart Black Cherry



Pineapple Mango



What is Impact Igniter?

Impact Igniter is an easy-to-mix pump activating pre workout for bodybuilding loaded with research directed dosages that work synergistically to produce superior results.

How do I take Impact Igniter?

Mix 1 rounded scoop (16.4 g) with 12 to 16 oz. of ice-cold water 20 to 30 minutes before your workout. To assess tolerance, begin with 1/2 scoop (8.2 g) with 6 to 8 oz. of water.

Can I stack Impact Igniter with other AllMax supplements?

Absolutely! Many of our Team AllMax IFBB professionals consume Impact Igniter with Aminocore and CARBION+ during their workout and CVOL with ISOFLEX, HEXAPRO or ALLWHEY Gold after their workout.

Can I take more than the recommended serving size?

You should never consume more than what is recommended on the label. Take no more than 1 Scoop per day.

What if my Impact Igniter clumps or hardens?

Any pre workout powder has the potential to clump up or harden. This is due to exposure to humidity and heat. To limit or avoid this keep the lid on tight and make sure you keep your Impact Igniter stored in a cool dry place. If it does harden, fear not! It does not affect the effectiveness of the product in any way. Simply use the scoop or a spoon to break up any clumps.

TIP: Vigorously shake and rotate Impact Igniter, especially if it hasn’t been taken recently. All powders will settle over time. It is important to mix the powder to ensure a homogeneous blend is maintained, or more simply, that all the ingredients mix evenly. It’s a good idea to give the powder a couple of minutes to settle down immediately after shaking it up.


10 reviews for Impact Igniter Pre Workout Supplement

  1. David Faria

    This PRE takes my workouts to a whole other level!! With my type of explosive workouts mixed with heavy resistance training, this is a MUST!!! LOVE IT!!!

  2. Brandon Motz

    This is seriously the best all around high stim preworkout on the market! It’s actually dosed properly with the ingredients that matter and makes a huge difference with your workouts! If you haven’t tried this yet- you’re missing out!!

  3. Joe Rubino

    By far one of the best and cleanest pre workouts out there. What I mean about clean is that you have sustained energy and focus throughout your lift. Personally I dont feel bugged out/sick like some of the other pre workouts make me feel! The caffeine is time released so its a nice steady freddy influx of energy and INTENSITY!

  4. Paul

    If you like a combination energy boost and vasodilators( for pump) then this is the product for you! The great taste is a bonus

  5. Jacques Schaub

    Exactly what one needs to push through a hard workout

  6. Ashley Bruno

    I love this preworkout! It takes my workouts to another level. It makes me focused, my strength is doubled, and I sweat like crazy. I stack this with impact pump and I get crazy blood flow to the muscle group that I’m training

  7. Scott Schulze (verified owner)

    This is without a doubt the best pre workout I’ve ever used. Energy, pump, and focus are all on point and without being overwhelming. I absolutely love it!

  8. Nicholas Natt (verified owner)

    My favorite Pre-workout. This Pre-workout is one of a kind in the market.
    I get the benefits and buzz (which we all like), but never too much to the point of a headache or jittery feeling like so many others.

  9. JD MacGillivray (verified owner)

    Delivered everything I could ask for in a preworkout. On my busy days this pre-workout gets my through my morning workout and keeps me energized the rest of the day. Blue raspberry taste great.

  10. Matt Pattison (verified owner)

    This is hands-down the best pre-workout on the market. From the intense but sustainable time release energy, to the skin splitting pumps along with laser focus from the patent lions mane mushroom extract. This will help you deliver the Most intense focused workouts possible

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