Allflex: All-In-One Joint Formula
Allflex: All-In-One Joint Formula
Allflex: All-In-One Joint Formula
Rapid Joint Recovery and Pain Management – Powered with UC•II

Allflex: All-In-One Joint Formula

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  • Helps Relieve Joint Pain*
  • Restore Mobility*
Size:60 Capsules
Product Type: Vitamins and Minerals
ALLFLEX is an advanced recovery reliever that promotes joint health and mobility and reduces the pain and inflammation associated with intense physical activity. As a proprietary blend it has been formulated for both active individuals and competitive athletes who participate in high intensity exercises.

The ALLFLEX delivery system starts with a rapid-release microthin capsule that delivers results quickly and has a sustained-release formulation that continues to work over a 12-Hour Period. Your joints take a pounding and until now, there has been just the regular, same old joint pain relief ingredients. Backed by the strength of 6 Human Clinical Trials, ALLFLEX® with UC-II® gives you the tools to fight back!

Clinically Shown To Be 348% as Effective as a Combination of 1,500 mg of GLUCOSAMINE & 1,200 mg of CHONDROITIN.

The key to this impressive and highly advanced formula is a combination of UC-II® Undenatured Type-II Collagen for joint repair, 3-LASTIN™ for joint inflammation and OptiMSM® for joint mobility with potent Curcumin for Free Radical Reduction and Antioxidant support!
ALLMAX ALLFLEX is available in a 60 capsule size.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Bonnie Fowler
Customer review

Without giving away my age lets just say I am over 45....
I am a runner. I have previous injuries. The "aching" almost took me out, until my daughter recommended Allflex. I was skeptical because two of the ingredients I was already taking. She explained that the quality of the ingredient was more important then the ingredient. This combined with the other ingredients she was sure Allflex would help me.

It is not a quick fix. You don't take it one day and fly the next. About week four I started feeling better. I progressed from there and by the end of month 2 the aching was almost gone. I had to prove a point, and thought I was just getting lucky so I stopped. I went backwards very quickly. I now take it every day, and just like soap and water, I will not miss it. I have recommended it dozens of times, and always positive results.

Customer review

Missing You!
I titled this review Missing You because I had been taking All Max for several months for arthritis & joint
pain. I have felt very in my good with no major aches and pains, so when my supply ran out I did not reorder. Then I started feeling stiff and sore in my "problem areas" hips & knees and kept thinking what did I do to bring this on. Then I realized I wasn't doing anything differently from my regular routine except NOT taking All Pro. That day I re-ordered and after two weeks felt much better.

Customer review

Was skeptical at first but after a couple weeks I definitely noticed a difference. Will buy more.

Paul Francis
Customer review

Excellent producy
Love this product and have used it for a lot of years. A friend who owned a sports nutrition store put me on to it. It relieves the pain in the knees and joints while causing the joint to rebuild itself. I highly recommend this product

Matt K
Customer review

I was noticing my joints were not feeling as good into my mid-30's but by consistently using this product I've noticed a difference over the last 3 months. Definitely going to keep this in my arsenal to allow me to keep training hard!