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“Swole-mate” Stocking Stuffers and Supplement Stacks
Even though the temperatures have dropped, and clothes are now worn in layers, we all get a just bit merrier at this time of year. Why you ask? Well, of course it’s because the holidays are near, and gift giving season is just about here! But do you know what items are on your swole-mate’s wish list? Wanna little clue? Ok, the truth is, I am not really sure, but you absolutely cannot go wrong by giving your fitness-minded-mate some high-quality supplements that will come in handy once the new year commences! Whether resolutions are made or not, I am sure your significant other holds the building of muscleburning of fatincrease in performance, and enhancement of health high on his/her priority list.
And with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some (how about 12 to be exact – one for each day of Christmas) ALLMAX products that more than fit the bill, and how one can stack them for maximally merry results!
AMINOCORE: This is ALLMAX’s technologically advanced BCAA product, and one of the most important supplements any hard training bodybuilder/athlete could take. BCAA’s are responsible for such vital actions as increasing protein synthesis, decreasing protein breakdown, boosting energy during workouts, facilitating fat loss, lowering the severity of muscle soreness, and enhancing the post workout hormonal profile.
AMINOCORE contains the most effective ratio of BCAA’s (leucine/isoleucine/valine), as well as INSTACLEAR™ – a cutting-edge solubility technology used by ALLMAX to ensure that there is no film, foam or grit when mixing AMINOCORE into liquids. With 8 delicious and refreshing flavors to choose from, you will look forward to every sip.
Allmax Leucine
L-LEUCINE: More and more clinical research is pointing to the fact that leucine is the most anabolic and anticatabolic of the branched chain amino acids, acting primarily through the mTOR pathway. Leucine greatly increases protein synthesis (independent of insulin), decreases protein degradation, stabilizes blood sugar (in a calorie restricted state) and has even shown powerful fat loss properties through increased expression of uncoupling protein 3 (UCP3). USE IT LIKE THIS: Take 5 grams immediately following your workout.  
GLUTAMINE (powder or convenient capsules): This conditionally essential amino acid is one of the most abundant in the body. It helps to ignite the release of natural growth hormone, enhances nitrogen retention, staves off muscle wasting, increases the number of “Heat Shock Proteins,” and provides a powerful boost to the immune system (perhaps its most profoundly important effect).   
CREATINE (powder or convenient capsules) – Increases creatine phosphate within muscle cells, hastening ATP re-synthesis, allowing for greater strength and power while training. Creatine also helps volumize muscle cells, which creates a more efficient anabolic (muscle building) state. It has also been shown to reduce levels of “myostatin,” a myokine protein that actually interferes with muscle hypertrophy.
ISOFLEX: With superior purity, taste, digestibility and quality, ISOFLEX is the only whey isolate you will ever need. It is lower in lactose, fat, sugar and carbs than competing WPI’s, and is created using a unique extraction technology called “HRI,” which allows for the highest protein yield possible while maintaining the greatest levels of bioactive whey fractions. ISOFLEX should be your go-to protein source after every workout.  
HEXAPRO PROTEIN BARS: These crisp, creamy healthy protein bars are packed with 20 grams of protein and just 4 grams of sugar*, making it easy to get a high-quality Protein post-workout snack or to battle hunger between meals.. It comes in three highly addicting flavors – Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.    
HEXAPRO is a high protein, lean meal solution to this protein timing issue. It’s formulated with 6 superior proteins to continuously feed your muscles with clean, whole protein at a steady, sustained rate. With its thick, milkshake-like texture, you won’t believe that you’re getting 25 g of pure protein with zero added sugar.    
COLLAGEN – Using a collagen supplement is essential for hard-training athletes to help protect joints from excessive wear and tear when lifting with heavy resistance or in a ballistic manner for CROSSFIT or explosive sports. Additionally, it supports healthy hair, skin and nails, while reducing aches/pains and even halting certain signs of aging, such as lines and wrinkles. ALLMAX COLLAGEN is sourced from grass-fed and pasture raised cows and is fortified with both biotin and vitamin C.  
ALLFLEX: ALLFLEX is a patented, collagen based, highly synergistic joint relief formula that helps intense training athletes reduce joint pain, enhance joint mobility, and rebuild joint integrity – all of which allows for more frequent and effective workouts, both in the gym and on the field. Clinically proven to be 348% better for joint “repair” than a combination of 1500 mg of glucosamine/1200 mg of chondroitin, ALLFLEX should be a part of everyone’s fitness/health regimen.  
LIGHTS OUT SLEEP: Getting the proper amount of deep, high quality sleep each and every night is not only essential when it comes to making progress from your overall “physical-enhancement” regimen, but also to your general health and well-being. Studies have proven time and again that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to such serious issues as obesity, heart attacks, stroke, type-2 diabetes, depression and respiratory disease.
Athletes and bodybuilders (who actually require even more sleep than sedentary people) that do not slumber for at least 7-9 hours per night, will find it almost impossible to efficiently gain muscle, drop body fat, maintain drive/focus for training, and enhance power, strength, agility and reaction times. This is precisely why ALLMAX created LIGHTS OUT SLEEP, the most comprehensive formula of its kind ever introduced into the fitness industry. The unique combination of synergistic ingredients in LIGHTS OUT will allow you to not only fall asleep more quickly, but to remain in the most productive periods of the sleep cycle for far longer as well.
Premium Multi-Vitamin For Men
VITAFORM (for men or women): The most comprehensive vitamin/mineral/antioxidant blend in the industry, which will make sure all of your body’s micronutrient needs are met during intense training/dieting phases.
This is an essential supplement for anyone interested in not only maximizing results from their training, but also optimizing their health and fitness. ALLMAX created somewhat different versions of this product geared specifically geared towards the special needs and requirements of men and women.  
Sugar-free post-workout recovery drink
CVOL: This important supplement helps foster many vital facets of recovery after intense training. The combination of an advanced Creatine chelate complex, Beta-Alanine and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate that is supplied in CVOL has been shown in many research studies to be optimal for maximizing muscular repair and recuperation.
The replacement and augmentation of intracellular creatine and carnosine stores must be addressed immediately post workout to help prepare them for the next one. LCLT works to “shield” muscles from excessive damage during resistance training while also protecting/increasing androgen receptors on muscle cells.
IMPACT IGNITER OR PUMP – While the importance of proper nutrition and adequate rest can never be underestimated when it comes to putting in grueling and effective training sessions each and every day, the addition of a precisely/scientifically formulated pre-workout product can be a true game changer.
The scientifically validated/tested ingredient profiles of both IMPACT IGNITER (contains stimulants) and PUMP (stimulant free) were designed to take your drive, focus, energy, and stamina to the next level, while providing pumps so intense, your muscles may threaten to split the skin! Once you have tried either IMPACT formula you will never want to train without it again!
QUICKMASS FOR FAST LEAN GAINS: Simply put, if you’re not consuming more calories than your body is burning, you will not gain mass – you can’t argue with this fact! QUICKMASS works by providing a precise 1010 calories per serving (four scoops) with custom engineered nutrient matrices that set the gold-standard in mass gainers.    
Swole-mate Stack Suggestions
  • Morning Stack – ISOFLEX (1-2 scoops) + VITAFORM (2 caps)
  • Joint Health Stack – ALLFLEX (2 caps with a meal) + COLLAGEN (1-2 scoops per day)
  • Pre-Workout Stack – CREATINE (5 grams) + IMPACT IGNITER (1 scoop)
  • Intra-Workout Stack – AMINOCORE (1-2 scoops) + IMPACT PUMP (1 scoop)
  • Post Workout Stack – CVOL (1 scoop) + LEUCINE (5 grams)
  • Bedtime Stack – HEXAPRO/QUICKMASS (1 scoop) + LIGHTS OUT SLEEP (1-2 caps) + GLUTAMINE (10 grams)
**Use HEXAPRO POPCORN to add additional calories to meal 1 and/or post workout meal. Can also be used in between meals if feeling hungry and in need of a snack.

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