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BOOTYQUEEN Glutes & Ham Killer Workout

How to work your Glutes?

Amanda Latona Kuclo on work your Glutes, embracing your curves, training smarter, and taking on every aspect of the fitness world.

If you’ve ever met Amanda Latona Kuclo, best known as the Booty Queen, you will realized one thing right away! “I’ve always been a hard worker,” Amanda says. “I’m not a diva in any way.” When training…“It’s super-important to incorporate a variety of angles into your training program and to do different reps and vary your weights and machines.” If you’ve found yourself on one surface or tool too long (say, four sessions or more), it’s time to switch it up. Same thing with your rep schemes. Start incorporating rep variety like rest-pause, dropsets, etc.” 

Glutes Workout
  • 4 Sets Seated Curls
  • last set increase weight, perform partials to failure, then perform a triple drop set
  • 4 Sets Stiff Legged Deads Wide
  • 4 Sets Stiff Legged Deads Narrow
  • 4 Sets Glute/Ham Raise
  • 4 Sets Stability Ball Curls
  • 3 Sets Butt Blasters with squeeze holds

After last set weight 20 seconds, drop the weight in half and perform reps to failure ** All sets perform in a 10-15 rep range to failure. If your getting over 15 reps, increase the weight. I like to keep my rep range between 10-12. Glutes & hamstring raise and stability ball curls are body weight only and go to failure.




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