Home Workout Lower Body Blasting

Home Workout Lower Body Blasting

Get pumped by pushing and pulling!

As I sit and write this article most of the world has been on “lockdown” for almost a month, with no access to sporting events, movie theaters, restaurants, and of course, GYMS! And for those of you who love to get pumped by pushing and pulling a whole lot of iron, the lack of gym time may just be the most painful aspect of this global pandemic! I mean, social distancing from other people is one thing, but distancing oneself from BB’s, DB’s, machines and cables is pure torture for the avid fitness-fanatic. Of course, if you are like me, you have not been just sitting on your butt, letting all of your previous gains go by the wayside. Rather, you have been staying on point with your diet and supplementation while getting in the best workouts possible with what little equipment you may have.


But what if you have nothing – not a BB, DB, kettle bell, or even resistance bands? How can you conceivably stimulate your muscles enough to keep them intact by using only your bodyweight? The answer lies in an under-utilized, but highly intense exercise protocol known as PLYOMETRICS.
In this addition of my “quarantined but not quitting” at home workout series, I will provide for you a 3-day per week “lower body blasting” routine using only bodyweight movements and various “plyo” exercises. Let’s get to it!


Workout #1

  • Squats…3 x 40
  • Walking Lunge…3 x 20 per leg
  • Alternating Contralateral Superman’s…3 x 15 per side
  • Vertical Jumps…3 x 12
  • Broad Jumps…3 x 10
  • Lateral Bounds…3 x 15 per side
  • Single Leg Calf Raises…2 x 20 per leg

Workout #2

  • Superset: Tuck Jumps/Wall Sits…3 x 10/Max Hold
  • Superset: Split Jumps/Sissy Squats…3 x 12 per side/Max Reps
  • Superset: 360 Degree Jump Turns/Alternating Rear Lunges…2 x 10 each way/Max Reps
  • Superset: Ankle Hops/Superman’s…2 x 25/Max Reps

Workout #3

  • Double Leg Butt Kicks…3 x 20
  • Alternating Bench Step Ups…3 x 15 per leg
  • Kneeling Squat Jumps…3 x 12
  • Single Leg Stiff Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift…3 x 15 per leg
  • Stair Jumps…3 x 10
  • Single Leg Lying Hip Bridge…3 x 15 per leg
  • Calf Raises on Stairs…2 x Max
**Many of these exercises can be viewed on You Tube and/or by visiting www.exrx.net

Lower Body Blasting Supplement Stack

If you aren’t using these awesome products already, you may want to consider adding them to your stack to enhance recovery, recuperation, and anabolism!
For those who are serious about maximizing their muscle mass it is absolutely vital to consume a good dose of protein before retiring at night. Since most of us sleep between 6 and 8 hours, the best sources of pre-sleep protein are those that are digested, assimilated and released slowly into the bloodstream so there is a constant supply of amino acids available all night long. CASEINFX contains pure Micellar casein, which has been shown to break down extremely slowly, literally trickle-feeding amino acids into the system over a sustain 8-10 hour period (more than enough time to cover a good night’s sleep). In addition, CASEINFX contains ACTIVASE, a patented enzyme activation technology, which will ensure maximal absorption.
CVOL is an extremely important part of any complete supplementation protocol because it helps speed recovery after intense training. The combination of an advanced Creatine chelate complex, Beta-Alanine and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate that is contained in CVOL has been shown in many research studies to be optimal for maximizing muscular repair and recuperation. The replacement and augmentation of intracellular creatine and carnosine stores must be addressed immediately post workout. LCLT works to “shield” muscles from excessive damage during resistance training while also protecting/increasing androgen receptors on muscle cells.
More and more clinical research is pointing to the fact that leucine is the most powerful muscle builder of the branched chain amino acids, acting primarily through the highly anabolic mTOR pathway. Leucine greatly increases protein synthesis (independent of insulin), decreases protein degradation, stabilizes blood sugar (in a calorie restricted state) and has even shown powerful fat loss properties through increased expression of uncoupling protein 3 (UCP3). It is a true physique transformation juggernaut.

Nutrition Quick Tip

As I mentioned above, CASEINFX is the perfect protein to consume before bed because it will keep your muscles “fed” for the entirety of your sleep. And while it certainly mixes up into a delicious and smooth shake when combined with water or almond milk, I will on occasion make it in a protein pudding – snacking on it while watching television as I wind down.
Simply mix 1-2 scoops into about half the amount of liquid that you would normally use and chill it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. The exact amount of liquid utilized will determine just how thick it will be. Trust me when I say you will feel like you are cheating on your diet – although you definitely are not! Enjoy!

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