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Seven Reasons you Need HEXAPRO


Variety is the spice of life, and versatility creates champions.

When combined, what you get is a potent mix that can only lead to success. ALLMAX Nutrition recognizes this and created the most unique, multi-functional protein product on the market today: the new HEXAPRO.
HEXAPRO’s six highly bioavailable proteins are fast, medium and sustained release proteins that ensure high amino acid levels with both short-term and long-term delivery. Each Protein has been carefully selected to achieve maximum protein assimilation and absorption. HEXAPRO protein is also fortified with five amino acids to enhance recovery, including all three BCAAs essential for protein synthesis and providing a rapid energy source for muscles. Rounding out the list of quality ingredients found in HEXAPRO is four grams of fiber to aid in digestion and to help with nutrient uptake. Finally, with the taste being comparable to a thick milkshake, HEXAPRO will leave your muscles satisfied and your taste buds singing.

Why Include Six-Protein Blends in One Product?

Combining the six-protein blends used in HEXAPRO creates a multi-dimensional product that can be used at any time of the day and for many purposes. Whether you decide to have it in the morning upon rising or in between meals, the different digestion rates of the proteins found in HEXAPRO will feed your body with a steady flow of amino acids all day long so your muscles are never in a state of starvation and never at risk of atrophy.

Why you Need the Different Protein Blends of HEXAPRO?

Reason #1:

Whey Protein Concentrate: Considered by many to be the most efficient protein for the body, WPC is easily absorbed and provides a quick flush of amino acids into the bloodstream.

Reason #2:

Milk Protein Concentrate: Produced from skim milk by a series of processes that include ultra filtration, evaporation and drying. MPC contains both casein and whey protein, making it a slower digesting protein for sustained amino acid delivery.

Reason #3:

Whey Protein Isolate: Yielding a higher percentage of pure protein, and virtually lactose-free, WPC is revered by many as the best post-workout protein available due to it extremely fast absorption rate.

Reason #4:

Micellar Casein: With its slow and constant release of amino acids, MC causes the timed-release dripping effect of amino acids into the bloodstream that can last for up to seven hours.

Reason #5:

Egg Albumin: Thought to more closely resemble human tissue than any other animal tissue, egg albumin products (such as protein powder and amino acids) are very quickly and efficiently assimilated into our systems when consumed.

Reason #6:

Hydrolyzed Whey: Created by using enzymes to pre-digest or cut the whey protein into smaller parts called peptides, your body can quickly utilize and digest these amino acids as your muscles require them.

Reason #7:

Convenience: By using six different blends of protein, HEXAPRO protein powder offers a full spectrum of amino acid delivery that meets the needs of hard-working bodybuilders at any time of the day. The slow, medium and fast-acting release times of the proteins ensures hypertrophy and eliminates the risk of catabolism. If you are serious about bodybuilding, and I know you are if you’re reading this article, then making use of this unique six-blend protein is a must. I’m excited at the possibilities HEXAPRO brings with it. Speaking from the viewpoint of a busy husband and father, along with the commitments in my professional career, I don’t always have time to make meals or sit down to eat them and HEXAPRO fills that void and couldn’t have come along at a better time. The need for a versatile product such as HEXAPRO was there, and ALLMAX Nutrition took notice.

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